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  • New Adventure At Kabutongan Falls In Looc Ginatilan Cebu With Trekking And Caving To Try

    A new discovered place which adventurers must try, the Kabutongan falls. Kabutongan fall is located at Looc, Ginatila, Cebu. The adventure includes trekking, caving and diving in the falls. Think of the another excitement and maybe you will conquer your fears if you try this adventure.

    I know there are hundreds of extreme adventure lovers here and we would like to promote another tourists spot here in our very own CEBU.

    Please be a responsible citizens and don't destroy nature. Don't throw your waste anywhere and be careful always.

    The cold water will surely relax your muscles and hav ...

  • The Mainit Hot Spring In Malabuyoc

    Hot springs are produced when groundwater is geo-thermally heated and rises up the crust of the Earth. The island of Cebu has a number of these natural wonders and one of these is the Mainit Hot Spring in the southern town of Malabuyoc.

    The town of Malabuyoc is located in the southwestern part of the island. While it may not be as visible on a regular tourist's radar, the town does offer a number of interesting places to visit. The Mainit Hot Springs is one of these places. "Mainit" is the Cebuano word for hot.

    The source of the spring is actually within the riverbed and has existed for ...

  • Exploring Cebu Mainit Hot Springs In Malabuyoc

    To get to the Mainit Hot Springs, get off the bus in Malabuyoc and hire a local motorbike or tricycle to bring you there (a 7 min ride).

  • Rejuvenate In Southern Cebus Hidden Therapeutic Spring

    For a therapeutic weekend, dip in the hot springs of Malabuyoc.

    Malabuyoc is a fifth class municipality of Cebu province. The town is divided into 14 barangays and is not only known for its beaches but for its therapeutic hot springs as well.

    Malabuyoc is about 126 kilometers away down south of Cebu City and the spring is located in Sitio Mainit, Barangay Montañeza. It is called and known as Mainit Springs.

    The spring is like Cebu's version of Japan's onsen or natural hot springs. The Japanese believe that soaking in warm water is good for the body and has therapeutic effects. Among ...

  • Offbeat Cebu Ten Amazing Waterfalls Of The South

    In the past, a mere mention of waterfalls in Cebu equates to Kawasan, the most famous falls of the province located in Badian, some four-hour land travel from Cebu City. With its majestic cascades and beautiful turquoise water, Kawasan Falls without a doubt, is worthy of admiration… a sight to behold!

    But more than Kawasan Falls, we could count the other waterfalls with our fingers. There's Mantayupan Falls of Barili and Tumalog Falls of Oslob, then we would buckle and think if there's more. Admittedly, Cebu was not a popular site for chasing waterfalls.

    It was just recently that the o ...

  • Soothing Spring Treats On Day 2

    Two new destinations in the Suroy-Suroy Sugbo 2015 took the spotlight in yesterday's trip across southern Cebu.

    Day 2 of the Southern Getaway included a visit to Malabuyoc town's Mainit Hot Springs. (Mainit is the Filipino word for hot.) The springs in barangay Montaneza is known among residents for its healing properties.

    A ceremony called a "Diwata" ritual greeted guests in the morning. A local babaylan (healer) asked guardian elementals to allow the participants to take a dip in the hot spring.

    Visitors then made their way to one of three nature pools where they were treated to ...