Malabuyoc Mainit Hot Springs

Malabuyoc, Cebu

Malabuyoc Mainit Hot Springs is cluster of hot springs, it has 3 pools with the hottest pool at 44 degrees Celsius and the one with the lowest temperature is 36 degrees Celsius. These 3 pools flank the Montaneza River. These hot springs have been developed by the government and are actively taken cared of by trained citizens, educated on the importance of taking care our natural resources.

Malabuyoc Mainit Hot Springs News

  • The Mainit Hot Spring In Malabuyoc

    The Mainit Hot Spring In Malabuyoc

    Hot springs are produced when groundwater is geo-thermally heated and rises up the crust of the Earth. The island of Cebu has a number of these natural wonders and one of these is the Mainit Hot Spring in the southern town of Malabuyoc.

    The town of Malabuyoc is located in the southwestern part of the island. While it may not be as visible on a regular tourist's radar, the town does offer a number of interesting places to visit. The Mainit Hot Springs is one of these places. "Mainit" is the Cebuano word for hot.

    The source of the spring is actually within the riverbed and has existed for ...

  • Exploring Cebu Mainit Hot Springs In Malabuyoc

    To get to the Mainit Hot Springs, get off the bus in Malabuyoc and hire a local motorbike or tricycle to bring you there (a 7 min ride).

  • Rejuvenate In Southern Cebus Hidden Therapeutic Spring

    Rejuvenate In Southern Cebus Hidden Therapeutic Spring

    For a therapeutic weekend, dip in the hot springs of Malabuyoc.

    Malabuyoc is a fifth class municipality of Cebu province. The town is divided into 14 barangays and is not only known for its beaches but for its therapeutic hot springs as well.

    Malabuyoc is about 126 kilometers away down south of Cebu City and the spring is located in Sitio Mainit, Barangay Montañeza. It is called and known as Mainit Springs.

    The spring is like Cebu's version of Japan's onsen or natural hot springs. The Japanese believe that soaking in warm water is good for the body and has therapeutic effects. Among ...

  • Immersing In The Contrast The Hot Mainit Spring And The Cold Montaneza Falls In Malabuyoc

    Immersing In The Contrast The Hot Mainit Spring And The Cold Montaneza Falls In Malabuyoc

    If you think of Cebu what idea pops up immediately? Is it the delicious dried mango or the great handicraft of guitars or the beautiful white beaches or the awesome waterfalls? Do you know that Cebu has hot springs, too? In case you don't know or you haven't been there this write up will vicariously take you there. Here it goes…

    Inside the taxi cab, my friends and I were so ecstatic, loud and noisy about convincing a friend (Giovanni) to join our escapade to the southern part of Cebu but we were all disheartened when he gave a negative response because of a prior commitment. The taxi ...

  • Hot Spring in Cebu

    Hot Spring in Cebu

    Philippines is within the Pacific Ring of Fire, thus the country has a couple of volcanoes in the area. The country is not exempted to earthquakes too. However, I have not heard of Cebu having a volcano in the island. But since the island is located on top of a certain fault line, we have places where there are hot springs. One of my self-proclaimed mission is to find a hot spring area in Cebu where I, myself especially, can enjoy a natural hot tub bath.

    Successfully, I found two places where I can enjoy them. For the meantime, I went to the Southwest of Cebu. I've never been to the West a ...

  • Malabuyoc Hot Springs of Cebu

    Malabuyoc Hot Springs of Cebu

    Let's take a quick break from all the wonderful cold springs and waterfalls of Cebu. Today, let's talk about a truly awesome natural treasure we Cebuanos should definitely be proud of. Ladies and gentlemen, let's take a look at Malabuyoc's beautiful Mainit Springs.

    The town of Malabuyoc is located some four hours from Cebu City. If you're traveling from the City of Carcar, you'd have to pass through 7 municipalities (Barili ??" Dumanjug ??" Ronda ??" Alcantara ??" Moalboal ??" Badian ??" Alegria) before you reach Malabuyoc.

    As soon as you reach the town limits, reduce speed to make sure ...