Mactan Island

Lapu-Lapu City, Cebu

Mactan or Maktan is a densely populated island located a few kilometres from Cebu Island in the Philippines. The island is part of Cebu Province and it is divided into Lapu-Lapu City and the municipality of Cordova.

The island covers some 65 km2 and is home to some 430,000 people, making it the nation's most densely populated island. Along with Olango Island Group, the isles are adm ...

inistered as two cities covering 75.25 km2.

Being one of the major tourist Islands of Cebu, Mactan Island boasts of a diverse collection of tourist spots and attractions. Being a coral island, Mactan offers some of the best diving, snorkeling, island hopping, jet ski, sailing and cultural activities of any island in the Philippines. The only aquarium attraction in the Visayas is also located on the island.  Wiki

Mactan Island News

  • Rescue, Restore, Revive The Mangroves Of Cordova

    Rescue, Restore, Revive The Mangroves Of Cordova


    The eco-tourism efforts of Cordova town on Mactan Island received a boost with the implementation of the multi-million peso Mangrove Propagation & Information Center at its 278-hectare mangrove area in Barangay Day-as.

    The municipality has been chosen as the site of the first mangrove center in the Visayas by the Metro Pacific Investments Corp. (MPIC) Foundation under its Shore It Up program.

    "The center completes the nationwide position of Shore It Up in helping to rescue, restore, and revive the mangroves," according to Melody del Rosario, president of the MPIC Foundatio ...

  • Dive Against Debris Supporting The Call For A Clean Healthy Ocean

    Dive Against Debris Supporting The Call For A Clean Healthy Ocean

    The Reef World Foundation proclaims 2018 as the International Year of the Reef. And that couldnt have come at a more appropriate time. Today, our coral reefs the precious rainforests of the oceans need our help. Years of negligence, over harvesting of marine resources, global warming all these factors have seriously impacted our reefs. We need to take action to save this delicate ecosystem.

  • Kontiki Reef Where Our Love Of The Blue World Began

    Kontiki Reef Where Our Love Of The Blue World Began

    There are some wonderful places we hold dear in our hearts. Its not just about their beauty, charm, availability of adventure, or people. More importantly, these amazing places actually changed our lives our character, world perception, skill set, beliefs, or even our morals. The vibrant and rich Kontiki Reef in our very own home island of Mactan is one such place.

  • The Aquaholic Traveler - Scuba Diving In Mactan Cebu Philippines 2017 Travel Blog

    30-40 meters depth "WALL OF CORALS"

    "Inhale the courage, Not to fear"

    A great experience to witness, that gives you some perspective of each individual. This huge corals seeing them infront of me is such a humbling experience, felt so small and was mesmerize with this beautiful creatures. A humbling reminder that despite our technologies evolves, most nature remains unpredictable and breathtaking to witness its existence. Thanks to Mr. Moon Soo Eun, Korean DiveMaster | Instructor.

  • From Maribago To Sibonga

    From Maribago To Sibonga

    I have been to Cebu several times, twice this year alone, but I havent really seen what the countrys richest province has to offer. I have yet to swim with the whale sharks of Oslob or dive in Malapascua to look for the elusive thresher shark or even lounge on the white sand beaches of Bantayan Island. A three-day trip to Cebu simply wont cut it.

    Every time I visit Cebu, the itinerary has been always limited to Cebu City and Mactan Island. On my latest visit, I was able to see a little bit more of Cebu. Although these places are not the hottest items on the provinces destination menu, they ...

  • An Insightful Weekend Prelude To Free Diving

    An Insightful Weekend Prelude To Free Diving

    Absolute peace. Ultimate freedom. Serene silence. Childlike wonder. These are the simple, heartfelt joys that free divers seek. Unencumbered by sophisticated and bulky scuba equipment, these amazing athletes and underwater enthusiasts can silently hover above reefs or dive hundreds of feet deep with just a single breath of air. Sweetie and I took our very first step in this exciting sport.