Lambug Beach

Badian, Cebu

Lambug Beach is considered as one of the hidden beaches in the southern part of Cebu, which is about three hours by bus from Cebu City's South Bus Terminal. It has a long coastline of white dust like sand, clear waters and which you could also experience catching up both the sunrise and sunset. The place is still under develop so you can't see any high-end resort in the area, but it has many renta ...

ble cottages or kiosk and room's to rent along the shoreline.

Lambug Beach News

  • 8 Destinations For An Awesome Cebu Adventure

    8 Destinations For An Awesome Cebu Adventure

    Cebu is indeed a place blessed with such gems. From the mountains to seas to rivers and waterfalls, a weekend is never enough to completely explore the island. The frolicking soul longed for a fantastic Cebu adventure since I rested for a few weeks.

    I was invited by my blogger friends to join in a jam-packed weekend of adventure going to the South of Cebu. I'm super thrilled when it comes to this because I knew that Cebu has a lot to offer. We embarked on an adventure with a flexible itinerary but it was all made possible by excellent tour services of Travels by Omnia Bellus.

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  • Lambug Beach The Secluded Beach Front Gateway To The Southwestern Part Of Cebu

    Lambug Beach The Secluded Beach Front Gateway To The Southwestern Part Of Cebu

    Cebu has a bunch of pristine beaches. From jagged, stony shores, hidden white sands and pebble beach, turquoise lagoons to tumultuous surf, there's a beach for every temperament in the Province of Cebu. Whether it's adventure or relaxation.

    Traipsing to a reserve emerald town of Badian, surrounded with a long stretch of white sand, lapis-hued waters, and a thick subtropical canopy of a coconut tree near the shore of Lambug beach, is where I'm going to spend my day with a compelling desire of being alone.

    To bid myself in exploring the Province of Cebu, is a sure remark of love for this ...

  • Another Hidden Eden In Badian Lambug Beach

    Another Hidden Eden In Badian Lambug Beach

    Cebu has a number of relatively-undiscovered beaches where one can enjoy some down time from the stress of city life. One of the beaches is situated in the municipality of Badian. While the most famous tourist spot of this small town in the southwestern side of Cebu is the Kawasan Falls, it is also home to a number of exquisite white sand beaches, one of which is Lambug Beach.

    Lambug Beach is located in Barangay Lambug and is slowly becoming popular for people looking for a place where they can spend the weekend in relative peace. The white sand beach f the place may not be as fine as the o ...

  • Badian A Travel Guide

    Badian A Travel Guide

    The recent years have been very nice for the small sleepy town of Badian in Cebu. The flock of visitors in the province can be attributed on what lies in this laid back town, the most rushing activity you can do when in Cebu: Canyoneering. But there are more about Badian than just chasing canyons. Come, let us take you around and experience Badian, Cebu.

    How to get here

    There are regular flights from Manila to Cebu from different airline companies offering affordable fare. From Cebu City, there is an easy access and multiple ways to get to Badian.

    There are buses in Cebu South Termin ...

  • Lambug Beach Badian Cebu

    Lambug Beach Badian Cebu

    One of Cebu's pride for that long-stretched white sand beach. It is located in the South of Cebu. Lambug Beach in Badian has been proclaimed to be one of the "must visit" beaches in Cebu.

    Following our friends who were already set-up with their tents the night before, my husband and I backpacked our way from Mandaue City to Badian, Cebu.

    We wanted to be their early morning so we got on the 4:00 am bus at the South Bus Terminal estimated to arrive at 7:00 a.m. We didn't have problems going there because everyone in the place, including the bus driver and conductor know where to drop us of ...