Lake Danao Pacijan Island

San Francisco, Cebu

Lake Danao is a freshwater lake located in the northern part of Pacijan Island (also known as Pajican Island, one of the Camotes Islands in the province of Cebu, Philippines. With an area of 680 ha., the figure-eight-shaped body of water, is the largest lake not only in the province but also in the Visayas region.

Corn and coconut are cultivated in the areas surrounding the lake. Se ...

veral rare orchids and a variety of herbs of medicinal value also grow along the shore of the lake.

Most of the original vegetation has disappeared, and even the small islet in the lake has been planted with coconut palms. The only remaining area of aquatic vegetation is on the east side of the lake, where the water is shallow and there is a dense growth of submerged vegetation.

Soli-soli is a type of grass that grows abundantly along the banks of the lake and is one source of livelihood on the island. These grasses are harvested, dried and woven into different kinds of handicrafts such as bags, mats, hats and other decorative materials and then sold to the local and mainland market outlets. A festival is held annually celebrating the plant.

The lake supports a very rich fishery, and most of the local residents are dependent on this resource for their subsistence.

The estuarine crocodile formerly inhabited the lake: according to the Groombridge report the population was still healthy in 1978, but according to other reports, the last individual was killed in 1971. Monitor lizards can still be seen occasionally on its shore.  Wiki

Lake Danao Pacijan Island News

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    Camotes Queue

    It was past four in the morning when we arrived at Danao port for the 5:30 a.m. trip to Camotes Islands, a group of three islands located east of Cebu Island: Pacijan Island and Poro Island are joined by a mangrove forest, while Ponson Island lies northeast of Poro. Camotes still fall under the province of Cebu.

    Despite being there earlier than an hour before departure, the queue of passengers and vehicles wanting to go to Camotes was already quite long. In fact, we never made it to the first trip and were instead accommodated in the 8:30 a.m. schedule. We never expected that so many people ...

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    10 Places In Camotes Island You Shouldnt Miss

    I've been living in Cebu since I was in college. Almost all those years I was just in the city, trying to survive in the university. I started to know the place even more when I got out of school. Since then, exploring the whole province has been one heck of an adventure. Until now, Cebu never fails to surprise me. In every destination, it offers a different perspective and a different kind of fun. One of the places I was surprised with is this little group of islands called Camotes.

    The name itself is intriguing. It sounds like kamote, which means sweet potato in the Philippines. Do these ...

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  • Travel Guide In Camotes Island Cebu Philippines

    Travel Guide In Camotes Island Cebu Philippines

    "'Camote', replied the island ancestors when asked by the Spaniards about the name of the place. The natives were harvesting sweet potatoes (camote) then and thought that the Spaniards were asking what they were digging. That's how the group of islands got its name according to local folklore".

    Tagged as the lost horizon of the south because of its unspoiled beauty, Camotes is a group of islands composed of four major islands (and four towns) namely Pacija (San Francisco), Ponson (Pilar), Poro (Poro and Tudela), and Tulang. It is geographically located between the Cebu mainland and Leyte. I ...

  • Majestic Camotes Island A Hideaway Haven

    Majestic Camotes Island A Hideaway Haven

    Traveling is indeed fun but what can make it amazing is the copious and evocative resources of a specific place enough to provide an ineradicable experience. Way back our time from Spaniards, the name of the island was derived from one of it's local products which is the "Camote" and was called "Camotes Island" since then. The island group is composed of four towns namely Poro, Tudela, Pilar, and San Francisco.

    It's geographically located east of Cebu Island. It's conceivably a haven for some locals and tourists due to its natural god-given spots as well as a number of hotels and resorts in ...

  • Kayaking At Danao Park

    Kayaking at Lake Danao Park also known as Pajican Island located in the municipality of San Francisco, Cebu.