Kota Park

Bantayan, Cebu

Kota Park is located in Madridejos in Bantayan Island, Cebu. It is an old Spanish Fort that was transformed into a park. Kota or Kuta means fort. The fort was originally built in 1790 by the Spaniards to serve as a camp and a watchtower.

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  • Road Tripping The Beautiful Bantayan Island

    Road Tripping The Beautiful Bantayan Island

    The sound of the blue waves lapping against the white seashore and a break of dawn welcomed our vessel as we approached the port of Sta. Fe in Bantayan Island. That moment then I realized and have set the bar that I'm gonna be having a blast on this vacation.

    I haven't had enough sleep that night because I started traveling since 11:45 PM from Cebu City. Transportation was so fast because it was midnight and there was no traffic. The people in the bus were surprised that it only took around 2 hours to travel from Cebu City to Hagnaya Port in San Remigio. Everyone then proceeded and bought e ...

  • Kota Park In Bantayan Island

    Kota Park in Bantayan Island, Cebu.

  • What To Do In Bantayan Island In 24 Hours

    What To Do In Bantayan Island In 24 Hours

    Among the Philippines' 7,107 islands, towards the northern tip of the mainland Cebu is a small dot of paradise they called Bantayan. One of the favorite summer destinations, the island promise to be a perfect escape from a daily routine and a dozen of workload.


    Upon arrival at the Santa Fe Port, you're bound for a hearty breakfast. and is a perfect way to kick off your trip. From American staples such as ham, bacon and eggs, to local favorites like fried bangus, buwad (dried fish) and pork tocino, complemented with refreshing pineapple juice or a sooth ...

  • Solo Travel Cebu Bantayan Island

    Solo Travel Cebu Bantayan Island

    Cheers to Air Asia's P1 fare, faith, hope, love, support (from friends especially Jade who booked flight for me) and a little bit of pixie dust, my first trip alone is finally happening!

    The northern tip of Cebu is endowed with rich waters and dotted with beautiful islands with white sand beaches. Bantayan Island is one of the many islands in North Cebu.The island got its name from the watch towers built by the Spaniards. These were set up so they will get alerted when the Moro (people from Mindanao who wants to take over the island) comes. "Bantayan" literally means to "watch over".

    How ...

  • Madridejos Wants To Fix Landmark

    Madridejos Wants To Fix Landmark

    While most government buildings in Bantayan Island have been rehabilitated, a heritage building with a museum in Madridejos town is still off limits to the public.

    Kota Fort in Barangay Poblacion, the town's main attraction, fell victim to typhoon Yolanda, which struck Bantayan Island last Nov. 8, 2013.

    The fort used to house the municipal museum, documentation corner and the barangay museum.

    In just a few hours, Yolanda damaged two of the four pillars and a portion of the wall of the old building. The museums and different artifacts inside were not spared.

    When Sun.Star Cebu visit ...

  • Tanon Strait Madridejos Thriving Market And Kota Park Sunset Sights

    Tanon Strait Madridejos Thriving Market And Kota Park Sunset Sights

    Bantayan in northern Cebu is also the northern tip of TaƱon Strait protected area. Other than Sta Fe and the Virgin island, we visited Madridejos found north of Bantayan Island facing the Visayan seas. A town formerly known as Lawis, it was the first settlement north of the island. In 1917, the town was renamed Madridejos in honor of Benito Romero de Madridejos the former Archbishop of Cebu. Prior to World War II, Madridejos enjoyed being the "Little Alaska of the Philippines" because of its rich fishing ground. The first canning factory in the country was also here until it was bombed during ...