Kawasan Falls

Badian, Cebu

Kawasan Falls are located in Matutinao, Badian, Cebu. One can feel the coolness of the surrounding lush greenery of this panoramic waterfalls. Accommodations from cheap to moderate rates are available in the area.

Kawasan Falls News

  • Cebu Badian Canyoneering

    Badian is the third income municipality of the province of Cebu, Philippines. It has a population of 37,699 according to Census in 2010. It is located 98km (61mi) southwest of Cebu City. It has 29 barangays and the main barangay is called Poblacion. Badian has their hospital, marketplace and many other recreational activities for the locals and tourists like Canyoneering.

    Canyoneering, according to the dictionary, is a kind of sport or recreational activity of hiking, walking, biking, or boating through canyons which requires the sport of descending very narrow canyons by rock climbing, rap ...

  • See You In Cebu: A Three-Day Barkada Material Itinerary

    See You In Cebu: A Three-Day Barkada Material Itinerary

    There isnt any real specific season for travelling, you can travel at any time of the year, but the best ones are always with your buddies. Were sure that your barkada has been itching to make plans and get out of the city at the most convenient availability for everyone. We know how it goes. Its hard to find the time, choose the place, and when you do, you cant be away for too long. But if youve chosen Cebu as your next destination, then keep calm, we already have an itinerary for you. The best part? Youll only need three days.

  • Kawasan Canyoneering In Cebu Philipppines

    Canyoneering with Kawasan Canyoneering and some amigos in Badian, Cebu, Philippines.

  • Natures BEST Water Park Kawasan Canyoneering Cebu Philippines

    Natures BEST Water Park, Kawasan Canyoneering in Cebu Philippines! We are back in the Philippines and we could not be happier. We started this trip in Cebu and went down to Moalboal to revisit the Canyoneering at Kawasan falls.

    After this we went snorkelling and got to swim with sardines and turtles. Unreal!!

    This year we want to focus our travel vlogs on happiness and fill our days with things that make us happy, being back in the Philippines certainly makes us happy as share it with you guys makes it even better. Please let us know what makes you happy in the comments!

  • Travel Guide Cebu Road Trip

    Travel Guide Cebu Road Trip

    Cebu is one of the most developed provinces of the Philippines and one of the countrys top tourist destinations. Over the years Ive traveled back and forth here for various work trips, media tours and solo backpacking trips. While I was familiar with the main tourist spots within Cebu City, it wasnt until I had to complete tasks while exploring the island on my own on a motorbike as a finalist for Wranglers #TrueWanderer campaign in 2016 that I really fell in love with the place.

  • Tropical Paradise And Dramatic Cliffs In The Philippines Kawasan Falls And Osmena Peak

    Ever since booking our trip to the Philippines we have been SO EXCITED for Kawasan Falls! The water is turquoise blue where you can swim around and relax in... but we decided to be more adventurous and hike up to the third waterfall and experience the rope swings! THIS WAS THE MOST AMAZING WATERFALL WE HAVE EVER SEEN!

    Our day then took us on an hour motorbike ride to Osme?a Peak, which is the highest point on the island of Cebu, a province in the Philippines. We definitely took the wrong path, so if you decide to do this hike, ask the locals for the trailhead! This was one of our favorite ...