Kabutongan Falls

Malabuyoc, Cebu

Kabutongan Falls is located in the municipality of Malabuyoc, Cebu. Its gleaming and cool waters is a perfect treat to pamper your body for a total relaxation. It has five levels of deep springs/falls. It is a nature at its best because it is developed yet.

Kabutongan Falls News

  • New Adventure At Kabutongan Falls In Looc Ginatilan Cebu With Trekking And Caving To Try

    New Adventure At Kabutongan Falls In Looc Ginatilan Cebu With Trekking And Caving To Try

    A new discovered place which adventurers must try, the Kabutongan falls. Kabutongan fall is located at Looc, Ginatila, Cebu. The adventure includes trekking, caving and diving in the falls. Think of the another excitement and maybe you will conquer your fears if you try this adventure.

    I know there are hundreds of extreme adventure lovers here and we would like to promote another tourists spot here in our very own CEBU.

    Please be a responsible citizens and don't destroy nature. Don't throw your waste anywhere and be careful always.

    The cold water will surely relax your muscles and hav ...

  • Waterfall Hunting Guide To Kabutongan Falls Of Looc Malabuyoc

    Waterfall Hunting Guide To Kabutongan Falls Of Looc Malabuyoc

    Hi, Everyone.

    This is just guide to help you on how to locate this specific waterfall located in Looc Malabuyoc, Cebu.

    Kabutongan Falls has a 4 level drop, you have to climb all the way to the 4th drop to see the most beautiful part of it. To get there from the City of Cebu, you can either ride a bus or a V-hire. If you choose to ride a V-hire you can go straight to their terminal located in Junquera near the USC Main Campus, it's fare cost 150 php. If you choose to ride on a bus, you can go to the Cebu South Terminal just along the High Way near Elizabeth Mall - bus fare cost 150 php as ...

  • Mini-Canyoneering Adventure

    Mini-Canyoneering Adventure

    Cebu is known to be one of the most visited province in Visayas. Aside from it's famous cultural events and foods that brag not just in the country but likewise Internationally. Cebu is also one of the most beautiful itinerary for adventures.

    Cebu is typically associated with beaches. There are too many famous and beautiful beaches you'll find in Cebu. White sand, crystal clear beach, name it and you have it in Cebu.

    But don't you know that Cebu is not just famous in Beaches? Yeah, you heard it right. Based on the survey and research in google and any social media sites, Cebu has 99 fall ...

  • Offbeat Cebu Ten Amazing Waterfalls Of The South

    Offbeat Cebu Ten Amazing Waterfalls Of The South

    In the past, a mere mention of waterfalls in Cebu equates to Kawasan, the most famous falls of the province located in Badian, some four-hour land travel from Cebu City. With its majestic cascades and beautiful turquoise water, Kawasan Falls without a doubt, is worthy of admiration… a sight to behold!

    But more than Kawasan Falls, we could count the other waterfalls with our fingers. There's Mantayupan Falls of Barili and Tumalog Falls of Oslob, then we would buckle and think if there's more. Admittedly, Cebu was not a popular site for chasing waterfalls.

    It was just recently that the o ...

  • Cebus Most Hidden Waterfall

    Cebus Most Hidden Waterfall

    After weeks of research and several failed attempts, I was finally able to locate Malabuyoc town's Kabutongan Falls. Kabutongan Falls is one of Southern Cebu's most hidden waterfall systems. Unlike its more popular counterparts, Kabutongan is a bit difficult to find and even more difficult to conquer. But I didn't know these things before my actual trip. No. All I knew was that this waterfall was unlike any other. And that while the trip was going to be long and tiring, the treasure I'd discover at the end would be beautiful and special and worth all the trouble.

    When I reached the town of ...

  • Moments Of 2015

    Moments Of 2015

    Somebody once asked me if there were times when I feel like giving up. I smiled and replied, "I was born a fighter." He believed so. But deep inside me, I know I was kidding. Who am I cheating on? Myself. I was not born a fighter; I was too weak to even claim such. But for the sake of inspiring the little fellow to answer my quiz, I told him the said answer. But when do we consider somebody as a fighter? Strong? Courageous? Brave? Adventurous? Risk taker? I don't know. But let me tell share to you this story.

    Once, there was this girl who was contented with life in the four corners of her r ...