Kabang Falls or Tinisig-uwang Fall

Cebu City, Cebu

Kabang Falls locally called Tinisig-uwang Falls is a classic example of a horsetail waterfall, a waterfall wherein the cascading water still makes contact with the bedrock. It is just a few kilometers from Barangay Budlaan, located in Cebu City, Cebu.

Kabang Falls or Tinisig-uwang Fall News

  • Hiking Trip Bound To Mt Kan-irag, Mountain Climbing Adventure With Cousins

    Hiking Trip Bound To Mt Kan-irag, Mountain Climbing Adventure With Cousins

    After the eventful trip we have in Mt. Naupa last month, we've decided to move on to another astounding mountain place of Cebu which is the Mt. Kan-irag.

  • Falls Alarm

    Falls Alarm

    One fam together and plan trips and itineraries for some adventures. If hitting the beach seems too mainstream news flash, there are several waterfalls nearby and far away that one's group of friends or family can go visit.

    Most of these spots may take more than just the casual jeepney or taxi ride??"but hitting these falls still beats spending a boring day at home wasting the day away. Here are some falls stories.

    "There's one in Brgy. BonBon, Busay, Cebu City," said Shuntelle G. Canteveros. "People call it BonBon Falls but its name is Hinambaoan Falls??"that's what the locals called it ...

  • A Day Trek Of First Times To Sirao Peak Via Budlaan-Malubog VLOG 35

    Many things happened here:

    Our company had a trekking challenge inline with their fitness program and we had it on Sirao Peak via Budlaan-Malubog. Most of the group are first timers! They're struggling yet they're having super fun!

    I got tripped while running around Malubog Golf Course and my phone was dropped! 😱 and

    The heat of the sun was unforgivable yet provided us a stunning view of the mountains and city.

    Details of this adventure will be posted on my blog: www.foureyedlaagan.com

    I hope you had fun and enjoyed the video. Please don't forget to LIKE and SUBSCRIBE. A ...

  • Trekking Sirao Peak Or Mt Kan-Irag

    Trekking Sirao Peak Or Mt Kan-Irag

    Sirao Peak is not new to trekkers and adventure-goers in Cebu City. It is near the city, it offers a beautiful overlooking view of the city and the mountains and it has a great camping site. Some people day hikes Sirao Peak or spends a night at the campsite. There are also some that access the peak through the back door trail which is easier for some kind of a glamping with their family.

    It is situated at Brgy. Sirao in Cebu City which is 21.5 kilometers from the city proper via Transcentral Highway.

    There are a lot of questions especially for beginners who wishes to climb Sirao Peak or ...

  • Hiking Up The Famous Peak Of The Metro With a Glimpse Of Falls And Flowers

    Hiking Up The Famous Peak Of The Metro With a Glimpse Of Falls And Flowers

    One lonely day I was wandering under the vast cerulean skies with the effulgent sun giving me an unusual radiance. With that I knew that this day would be extraordinary. And as I continued my musings and wanders, I was also looking at the sea of faces that have passed by me, curious about their own stories and dreams. Some faces were drowned by my own oblivion.

    But that just one moment, that one moment when I started going on a different path I saw you, sitting under the lone tree, enjoying your own freedom. Along this crowded and chaotic scenery, there I found you peacefully living in ...

  • Trek To Kabang Falls

    After effect of the rain, dangerous yet worth it! We made it woooohhhooo!!