Hilantagaan Island Sanctuary

Bantayan, Cebu

Hilantagaan Island and Marine Fish Sanctuary is located about 4 km east of the island of Bantayan, 10 km north-east lies the island Kinatarkan Island. South of the island lies the Tanon Strait , a sea area south of the Visayan Sea. The island has an award winning marine sanctuary just off shore.

Hilantagaan Island and Marine Fish Sanctuary News

  • What To Do In Bantayan Island In 24 Hours

    What To Do In Bantayan Island In 24 Hours

    Among the Philippines' 7,107 islands, towards the northern tip of the mainland Cebu is a small dot of paradise they called Bantayan. One of the favorite summer destinations, the island promise to be a perfect escape from a daily routine and a dozen of workload.


    Upon arrival at the Santa Fe Port, you're bound for a hearty breakfast. and is a perfect way to kick off your trip. From American staples such as ham, bacon and eggs, to local favorites like fried bangus, buwad (dried fish) and pork tocino, complemented with refreshing pineapple juice or a sooth ...

  • Bantayan Island A 24-hour Budget Travel Guide

    Bantayan Island A 24-hour Budget Travel Guide

    Bantayan Island, a lovely patch of splendid things is situated north of Cebu and is the largest of the Bantayan Group Of Islands. It is consist of 3 municipalities namely Bantayan, Madridejos and Sta. Fe. This island which is 4 hours of land travel and an hour on the water offers one of the most breathtaking sights in all of Cebu Province. Long stretch of powdery white sand beaches and shimmering azure waters in Sta. Fe will instantly treat visitors to a grand welcome. Not only that it is a haven to beach lovers but the island itself is a paradise which showcases a plethora of hidden wonders f ...

  • Northern Cebu Trip Hilantagaan Island

    Northern Cebu Trip Hilantagaan Island

    Hilantagaan Island is located in the northern end of Cebu Island.

    It is home to a small fishing village and it is pretty low key. I'm not sure if there are accommodations being offered here. But if your end point is Bantayan, you can stopover here.

    And it was a worthy stopover because when we stepped out of our boat, we were greeted with fine, white sand with clear blue waters.

    We spent an hour here, taking pictures and swimming. There's not many people around and it felt like we rented the whole beach for ourselves.

  • Enough Power To Connect To Radio

    Enough Power To Connect To Radio

    A solar panel, the size of the lid of a shoe box, supplies power to the Ofqueria family enough to enable them to listen to their favorite radio dramas in the morning.

    At night, generator sets provide electricity for four hours.

    For the last 10 years, the 880 houses in Barangay Hilantagaan, an islet off the coast of Santa Fe town in Bantayan Island, has been relying on solar energy and generators for their power supply.

    Each house has a solar panel, the same size as that of the Ofqueria family, placed on the roof. To connect to the generators, each household pays P100 for 20 days powe ...

  • Bantayan Island Hopping Virgin Island and Hilantagaan Island

    Bantayan Island Hopping Virgin Island and Hilantagaan Island

    Bantayan Island ??" Up early to catch the sunrise, we were lounging away the sunny but cool morning on Anika Beach Resort's comfy beach chaises and enjoying our instant coffee.

    In our periphery, in front of small settlement adjacent to Abaniko Resort, a cluster of outrigger bancas were anchored ashore with local fishermen getting their nets straightened out into shape. One of them eventually sidled up to us, timidly asking if we would be interested in hopping over to the two islands decorating our horizon.

    "That is Hilantagaan Island and to its left is Silion Island," pointing to each, " ...

  • Mother Day Getaways

    Mother Day Getaways

    Cebu is a certified tourist destination. You can go north, south, or west, head to the mountains, or jump to another island and you will see visitors ??" local or foreign ??" enjoying everything Cebu has to offer.

    It's stature as a traveler's haven, though, received further validation after six Cebu towns made it to a recent Department of Tourism list naming the Top 10 major tourist destinations in the Central Visayas. Those that made it in the Municipal Category list ??" including a couple of usrprise entries ??" are San Remigio (No. 2), Sta. Fe (No. 3), Minglanilla (No.4), Moalboal (No.6) ...