Hermits Cove

Aloguinsan, Cebu

Hermit's Cove is located in Kantabogon, Aloguinsan, Cebu. It is a small coastal bay facing the serene TaƱon Strait that separates the islands of Cebu and Negros. The cove is definitely secluded; it isn't named Hermit's Cove for nothing. According to locals, a hermit used to live in this cove a hundred years ago, surviving on the bounties of both the sea and the mountains.

Hermits Cove Kantabogon News

  • Hermits Cove Aloguinsan Cebu City Philippines

    Looking for a perfect getaway? nature offers you a limitless venture to an adventure.Hermit?s Cove is a resort located in the midst of Aloguinsan Cebu, Philippines. It was made famous by it?s famous folklore story on how and why it was named ? Hermit?s Cove? and also it?s white sand and pebble rocks made its perfect combination, which suites on to the nature captivated beauty.

  • My 500 Pesos Took Me To A Hidden Paradise Hermits Cove Aloguinsan Cebu

    My 500 Pesos Took Me To A Hidden Paradise Hermits Cove Aloguinsan Cebu

    Cebu is considered to be the home of white sands and crystal beaches. As a matter of fact, when hear the word "Cebu" it always come with the word "Beaches". Well, Cebu has been truly blessed with truly mesmerizing beaches, that's why many tourist are coming from different places to visit famous beaches and other tourist spots in Cebu.

    But now, I am exploring another part of Cebu, place where less traveled by tourist. Alonguinsan is one of the district of Cebu located at the western part of Cebu province which is known by its beautiful and stunning coves and river cruises. And so, I decided ...

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    Summer is around the corner! Is there a better way to enjoy the season than frolicking in a beautiful beach? Yes, and it is called island hopping??"a must-do activity during these sunny months. You won't just visit beaches but also secret lagoons, coves, inlets, marine sanctuaries, and more! We gathered 25 of our best island hopping sojourns, and we highly encourage you to visit these paradises.

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  • Hermits Cove In Aloguinsan A Quick Escape From The City Of Cebu

    Hermit's Cove in Kantabogon, Aloguinsan, is one of the hidden gems of the Cebu Province in the Philippines. The cove was named after the belief of the locals about a hermit that used to inhabit the area. Managed by the LGU, the beach is well preserved as well as it's underwater ecosystem which makes it a good diving/snorkeling spot.

    We did a quick visit to the place spending only 500php each. The view was very stunning and if you want to have a mini road trip and relax in a white sand beach, we are definitely recommending the place.

  • Hermits Cove Aloguinsans Hidden Treasure

    Hermits Cove Aloguinsans Hidden Treasure

    Aside from the scorching heat that is sometimes too hot to handle, summer is my favorite time of the year, but oops, stop being judgmental, haha. It's my favorite time of the year right after Christmas season of course (oha!). Summer is also a great excuse for some of us to go out and travel.

    Through the booming online popularity of what Aloguinsan can offer, together with some colleagues, we decided to see for ourselves what the fuss about this place is all about. Our first stop was the Bojo River Cruise which was so worth it and we really had a great time, I recommend you to try checking ...

  • Hermits Cove Escapade

    My first time going to Hermit's Cove although I had been planning to do so for three months. It didn't disappoint. Enjoy!