Guadalupe Mabugnao Park

Carcar City, Cebu

Guadalupe Mabugnao Mainit Hot Spring National Park is a protected area of the Philippines located in Barangay Guadalupe in Carcar, Cebu, some 50 kilometers from the provincial capital Cebu City. The park covers an area of 57.50 hectares occupying an important watershed forest reserve in the central Mantalongon mountain range.

The park is frequented by daily visitors for its hot spr ...

ings where cottages and pools have been developed. Life-size statues of saints and Christ including that of Santo Nino de Cebu have also added to its tourist attractions. A trail up a hill leads to at least three caves, the most explored being Cave Lorett and Cave Moymoy. Near Cave Lorett is another spring and four rivers. The park also contains a dam that supplies Carcar's water.

Guadalupe Mabugnao Mainit Hot Spring National Park News

  • Mainit Hot Spring In Malabuyoc Best Host Spring In Cebu

    Mainit Hot Spring In Malabuyoc Best Host Spring In Cebu

    The small town of Alegria on Cebu is the perfect base for so many adventures. We arrived at our hostel, dropped our bags and and looked at the clock. With three hours of light left, we asked the hostel owner if there was a waterfall nearby and she told us to get on a bus and visit Mainit Hot Springs, which in my opinion may well just be the best hot spring on Cebu. We crossed our fingers and hoped to visit a gem and in the end it was one of my favourite spots nearby Alegria.

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  • DENR 7 completes demarcation of 24 protected areas

    DENR 7 completes demarcation of 24 protected areas

    The Department of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR) Central Visayas has completed the forest delineation of all 24 protected areas in the region.

    With this, the local government units designated to manage the region's protected sites can now come up with "buffer zones" intended to prevent the exploitation of the sites as well as to promote sustainability to those living near these areas.

    Isabelo Montejo, DENR 7 executive director, said that the six protected areas in Cebu, two in Negros Oriental and 16 in Bohol were completely delineated by the Land Evaluation Party (LEP), which i ...

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    Dip Into Cebu Hot Springs

    The weather's getting chillier by the day and next month is the start of the "-ber" months. Or should we say "brrrr…"

    There's one awesome, adventurous way of warming yourself up together with the rest of the barkada (gang, as in the group of friends kind)!

    We've said it before and we'll say it again. Cebu has so much to offer! And we keep saying it because it's so true! Let's forget about the malls and the nightlife for a minute. Cebu is so blessed with natural wonders. The perfect kind for this season's weather are the hot springs! Imagine dipping yourself into warm, bubbling water an ...

  • 24 Protected Areas In CV Yield P6 2M Resource Users Fee

    Nearly P6.2 million of Resource Users Fee (RUF) in 24 protected areas in Central Visayas was collected by the Department of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR) Region VII during the first quarter this year.

    Cebu, which accounts for about six protected areas, yielded the highest collection of P4,095,406.33 or 66.27 percent as indicated in the data from the Protected Area, Wildlife, Coastal Zone and Management Services (PAWCZMS) as of March 31.

    Negros Oriental, with two protected areas, came in second with P1,866,890.00 or 30.21 percent and Bohol, with the most number of protected are ...

  • Mga protektadong lugar gipaila sa DENR

    Ang Department of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR) 7 miila sa grupo nga gitawag nga Protected Area Superintendents (PASu) sa 24 ka Protected Areas (PA) sa Central Visayas.

    Mao kini ang gibutyag ni DENR-7 Executive Director Isabelo Montejo human niya luwati ang usa ka regional special order number 484 niadtong Hulyo 24 ning tuiga nga opisyal nga napublikar niadtong Agosto 13 nga nagdestino sa mga opisyal sa DENR ngadto sa posisyon sa PASu sa nagkadaiyang dapit sa nasud.

    Iya kining gihimo human sa panagtagbo niadtong Hulyo 20 ning tuiga kauban sa mga opisyal sa Provincial ug Commun ...