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  • Admiring The Mighty Inambakan Falls

    Admiring The Mighty Inambakan Falls

    Cebu south is blessed with beautiful beaches and majestic waterfalls that are still in its pristine conditions. Aside from Samboan that has several waterfalls, the neighboring town boasts also its own waterfall with a slightly different characteristic and grandeur.

    Waterfalls and beaches are popular among Cebuanos especially during summer. Most of the adventurers and trekkers or mountain climbers often have side trips on these waterfalls and beaches too to cool down from a tiring and leg-breaking treks.

    Inambakan falls is one of the waterfalls in Cebu South that has slowly gaining popula ...

  • Take The Plunge At The Inambakan Falls

    Take The Plunge At The Inambakan Falls

    The natural wonders of Cebu have attracted the attention of tourists, both local and foreign. Due to this, Cebu is one of the top tourist destinations in the country. Aside from the captivating beaches and exciting mountain resorts, Cebu is also home to numerous magnificent waterfalls, many of which have remained relatively unknown to people from other parts of the country and the world. One of these waterfalls is the Inambakan Falls in the southwestern town of Ginatilan

    Inambakan Falls

    The Inambakan Falls is just one of the waterfalls situated in the hometown of St. Pedro Calungsod. It ...

  • Inambakan And Bugnawan Falls Adventure Feb 2017

    Located at the Heart of Poblacion Ginatilan, Cebu. Southern Part of Cebu. Inambakan falls then a 5 minutes walk going to Bugnawan falls.

  • Paradise After Rage Of Mt Hambubuyog

    Paradise After Rage Of Mt Hambubuyog

    The rage of the storm does not hinder wandering souls to have another checks on their bucket list. Mt. Hambubuyog is definitely one of a kind!

    It was Saturday noon when we arrived at Ginatilan Market after a 4-hour bus ride from Cebu City with awesome adventuregrammers, @vivomigsgee, @thelakwatsero, @roycats, @theislandboy, @emsmithcb, @iameleimath, @tonyericson15 and of course my tremendous pals @jumzchino and @wanderingsoulscamper. We had our lunch and last buy of some stuffs. It was sunny and never was a sign of storm.

    After getting refreshed from the long ride, we negotiated motorcyc ...

  • Inambakan Falls Bugnawan Falls Kampael Falls And Dau Falls

    We went on a weekend trip to Ginatilan and Samboan. Saw Inambakan, Bugnawan and Kampael Falls in Ginatilan and visited Dau Falls in Samboan the next day. It was a fun road trip with my barkada! Rounding up my waterfall adventure in the south. Once Cebu is done, it's on to the rest of the PH!

  • Climbing Mt Hambubuyog Ginatilan Cebu

    Climbing Mt Hambubuyog Ginatilan Cebu

    We began the day with a trip to Inambakan falls few kilometers from town proper. After getting a splash from the gushing waters we began trekking going to our main destination Mt. Hambubuyog - marking our 5th mountain to summit.

    It was an easy walk traversing a small river going to the main highway which took us about 30 minutes or so after asking directions from the kids we encounter along the way.

    We were discussing the possibility of getting lost because of our unfamiliarity, we only rely to a bit of information we gathered from the blogs we read beforehand. Nevertheless, we were posi ...