Fort San Pedro

Cebu City, Cebu

Fort San Pedro or Fuerza de San Pedro situated inside the Plaza Independencia, in Cebu City. It is a military defence structure in Cebu, built by the Spanish under the command of Miguel López de Legazpi, first governor of the Captaincy General of the Philippines.

Fort San Pedro News

  • Its Never Too Late For Fort San Pedro

    It's never too late! This was the best words I could describe to our visit at Plaza Independecia and Fort San Pedro in Cebu last March. Quarter to four in the afternoon when I and my family decided to have a quick visit at Fort San Pedro. Actually we were tired already when we were dropped by our relatives at Basilica of Santo Niño after they had toured us to some part of Busay Cebu. Kenneth, a good family friend of us who worked in Cebu City told us to visit Fort San Pedro. And since my father was still up to going somewhere in the city we visited the said fort.

    Passing through the busy P ...

  • Fort San Pedro-The Oldest Fort In The Philippines

    Saturday. We got nothing to do at home and so the thought of visiting old places hit me. I decided to convince my mom and my nephew to have a little adventure by visiting some of Cebu's most historic places. We were still arguing about where to go while we were getting ready and decided to visit Fort San Pedro as our first stop.

    I remember when I was little, we used to visit here wit the family. I remember running around, horse playing with my cousins inside this very fortress.


    Fuerza de San Pedro or most commonly known as Fort San ...

  • Cebu A Four Day Trip

    One of the most visited places in the Philippines is Cebu, and if you are like me who heard that the hustle and bustle in this country is a lot like the crowded capital Manila, you would wonder why tourists flock to this highly urbanized province, until you yourself would have a chance to investigate it with your own pair of eyes. Thus, my friends and I went on a short trip to Cebu.

    Disclaimer: it was worth it

    To be honest, we've waited for a year for this trip to finally happen. We booked a Cebu trip for four on September 2015 via Air Asia's Piso Fare promo; when you are students overlo ...

  • The Untouched Beauty Of Romblon

    Romblon is my home town and I am very proud that I was raised in this small archipelago. My early years was surrounded by rice field, trees, and marbles, I thought the province of Romblon is composed of such but I was wrong. When I started traveling that's the time that I discovered that my home town has a lot to offer. From the untouched beaches, unexplored caves, mountains, underwater richness and may others. This article will show you how beautiful Romblon is. Allow me to introduce to you the gorgeous tourist destinations in Romblon.

    Let's start with Cresta de Gallo (photo above) in Sib ...

  • Walking Around Of Fort San Pedro Cebu

    Fuerza de San Pedro or most commonly called Cebu Fort San Pedro, is a military defense structure that was built during the early times of the Spanish era.

  • Queen City Of The South Part 1 Tour

    Around 6:00 p.m. when we arrived at Pier 1 from Tagbilaran Pier and rode a taxi going to our accommodation at Cebu.

    We stayed at ALT Commercial Complex which was minutes to an hour away from the city. Our tour guide told us that that was not the most convenient location to stay if you're a tourist, because the city is the most accessible.

    ALT is a dormitory-type of guesthouse. It's a small airconditioned room good for 4 pax which has two double-deck and 1 cabinet with 4 compartments. It doesn't have a private restroom but there are 8 CR's per floor.

    For those budget conscious travelle ...