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  • Discovering Pityak And The Best Chicken Tinola

    The original plan was to visit the town of Ronda to check out a spring called Lapnis. The spring is quite popular among local thrill-seekers and I wanted to see for myself if it is indeed as awesome as they say. I knew that finding it would be pretty challenging, so I decided to ask Bojo to come with me. Well, the truth is, we didn't find it during this trip. What we did find was the mind-blowing Pityak Falls and a bowl of the best-tasting homemade chicken tinola.

    Bojo and I were eating our ice cream at the Molave Milk Station in Barili when he asked if I knew where Dumanjug was. I told him ...

  • Pityak Falls in Dumanjug Cebu

    The rock formations were amazing, Pityak Falls in Cebu.

  • Sinanggiyaw Festival

    Moving away from the usual stuff we feature everyday Tuesday, I thought of featuring some of the local celebrations of "fiestas" that each municipality in the province celebrates each year. Last weekend I was able to attend the fiesta celebrations in the City of Danao (Karansa), which showed a colorful parade of children dressed in brightly colored costumes. From the north of Cebu we now move to Dumanjug who will be celebrating their fiesta next month that would be another place to check out if you are into backpacking or road trips to experience life outside the city.

    The Sinanggiyaw Festi ...

  • The Success Of 9th Sinanggiyaw Festival 2009

    Dumanjug Cebu was successfully celebrating their 9th Sinanggiyaw Festival last October 3, 2009 with full support of the local government of Dumanjug Cebu, headed by Mayor Cesar Baricuatro and other Municipal Officials of the town. The Sinanggiyaw Festival is honor to their patron St. Francis of Assisi. Last 3 years of festival, school from Cogon National High School was won 3 times champion and this year festival they are performing as guest contingents just to give way other school and baranggays contingents to show their best in dances of Sinanggiyaw Festival 2009.

    There were five town co ...

  • Sinanggiyaw Festival 2013

    The "Sinanggiyaw Festival" has its meaning derived from the traditional Cebuano words. The "Sinanggi" which means fruitfulness of harvest and "Sayaw" means dance and also giving honor for Saint Francis of Assisi. This festival is being celebrated on every 4th day in the month of October and this year shall be the 158th year of the Sinanggiyaw Festival since it was established in the town of Dumanjug in the year 1855. The town has managed to maintain their church as their landmark of the event. This church was completed in the year 1864 and was considered as one of the oldest church in the Phil ...

  • The Sinanggiyaw Festival

    The name Sinanggi-yaw is taken from two old Cebuano words, Sinanggi meaning abundance of harvested agricultural products of our farmers and Sayaw meaning dance. Through street dancing and field presentation, performers shall dance merrily bringing all the Sinanggi-performance focused on three aspects: planting, harvesting and thanksgiving.

    The Sinanggiayaw is held on the 4th of October in the town of Dumanjug, province of Cebu. More photos on the Sinanggiyaw Festival and other Central Visayan Festivals soon!

    The name Sinanggiyaw is taken from two traditional Cebuano words, Sinanggi meani ...