Dakit Dakit Island Fish Sanctuary

Lapu-Lapu City, Cebu

Dakit-Dakit Island Sea Kraits Sanctuary is a nature conservation park area located just off shore from Dakit-Dakit Island in Maribago, Lapu-Lapu City. There is a large number of sea kraits regularly found in the area.

Dakit Dakit Island Marine Fish Sanctuary News

  • Dakit-dakit Another Fascinating Underwater Kingdom In Mactan

    Dakit-dakit Another Fascinating Underwater Kingdom In Mactan

    One of the nicest things about living in tropical island like Mactan in Cebu, Philippines is that we are surrounded by gorgeous coral reefs. Most of our vibrant underwater playgrounds are just less than an hours ride from our home. In this blue, liquid world, we witness strange biological wonders, learn more about marine biodiversity, and enhance our advocacies to preserve Mother Nature. We were able to check out another of these wonderful sites called Dakit-dakit one beautiful sunny weekend.

  • Family Vacations Malapascua Island Hopping In Cebu Side Trip To Kalanggaman Island

    Family Vacations Malapascua Island Hopping In Cebu Side Trip To Kalanggaman Island

    There's no better way to welcome the New Year than a visit to some of the beautiful beaches in the Philippines. Though my family still celebrated New Year's Eve at home, we flew to Cebu on the first weekend of 2016, Jan. 2, to extend our holiday season. Yes, it was all my idea.😀

    It's been a while since my family had an out-of-town trip, so I proposed a family getaway plan to my sisters late last year. Since we were traveling with our folks and two toddlers, we had to pick a place that's convenient and safe enough for the entire family.

    Our pick: Cebu

    Ideal Family Vacation Dest ...

  • Cloudy With A Chance Of Awesome In Malapascua II

    Here's what you missed on our latest adventure: the friends and I travel against all odds (aka the low pressure area that would be known as typhoon Ruby) to paradise island Malapascua. There were a lot of doubts but finally, we arrived all in one piece and enjoyed the island's fine white sand, amazing food and the oh-so-dramatic drizzle that never dampened the fun sans the sun. Yes, I know it rhymes.

    Day 2 of the Malapascua adventure began with a promise of sun in the horizon. The air crisp as those brand new 20-peso bills Mom gives away at Noche Buena. The breeze was a definite sign that C ...

  • Marine Advocate Scuba Diver Amores Laid To Rest In Mactan

    Marine Advocate Scuba Diver Amores Laid To Rest In Mactan

    Alfonso Amores, the reconstructive surgeon and environmentalist scuba diver who died in a diving accident in Surigao Del Sur, was laid to rest yesterday at the Mactan Memorial Gardens after a 10 a.m. Mass at at the Our Lady of Sacred Heart Parish in barangay Marigondon, Lapu-Lapu City.

    Amores is survived by his wife Luz, a son and two daughters who have their own families.

    During the funeral, Dr. Constantino Amores spoke of his late brother's enthusiasm in appreciating nature.

    "Our gathering today is a celebration of his accomplishments where many people and communities have benefited ...

  • It Feels Like Summer In Malapascua

    Snobbery is an unlikely character of a wanderlust. A traveler opens not only his heart but also his mind to the intricacies and complexities of a place. It is inevitable, however, that there are places I considered too exposed, too comfortable to the horrors of tourism. I tend to avoid them like a plague. Places, islands like Malapascua??"an island in northern Cebu known for its thresher sharks.

    It is, I thought, an island for someone who has a perpetual ache for the deep. But I do not ache for the ocean. I ache for the salt water, the saline breeze, and the extravagance of the color blue.

  • Saving Marine Life

    In the past, fishermen did not have to go far just to catch fish, as the ocean back then was said to be teeming with different kinds of marine life.

    But that was a long time ago, according to Felipe. Today, Caohagan gets its daily supply of seafood (saang, soft-shelled lobsters and even ordinary fishes) from neighboring provinces like Leyte. These seafood are sold to people who visit the island everyday to have lunch at its white beaches. Andy Berame, coordinator of Lapu-Lapu City's Coastal Law Enforcement, said that for so many years, the seawaters in their area have been repeatedly raped ...