Compostela News

  • Diving With Whale Sharks

    Included in our Philippines dive itinerary was an opportunity to dive with whale sharks at Oslob. Oslob has become renowned for whale shark diving and snorkelling, there are a lot of reviews about this on the Internet (some good, some bad).

    Whilst we enjoyed the experience of diving with these magnificent sharks, once was enough at Oslob. The experience raises concerns about the sustainability of this type of tourism. We do understand the need for the people of Oslob to have an income, and there are visible efforts to control the numbers of tourists and their interaction with the whales, ev ...

  • Samboan Cebu Falls Hopping Aguinid Hidden And Dau Falls

    Samboan has been blessed with lots of beautiful waterfalls, most of them are already being developed to ease the access.

    Here are three of them:
    - Aguinid Falls
    - Hidden or Binalayan Falls
    - Dau Falls

  • Weddings Make Me Cry so Does Malingin Falls

    "Weddings make me cry; so does Malingin Waterfalls!" I was thinking this way when I was invited for a wedding a day prior to my south trip. I was down on bed crying and reminiscing the day when I was supposed to be married last 2015. Yes! My lovelife was a topsy-turvy - eight days before the wedding, my then-boyfriend did not show up. To cut the story short, I cringe by the idea of marriage and wedding days.

    Aside from being melodramatic, I wanted to escape the deafening sound of depression. If I'd stay in my room the whole day, I would end up with swollen eyes and runny nose. I'd be adding ...