Colase Fish Sanctuary

Samboan, Cebu

Colase Marine Sanctuary located in Dalahican, Samboan, Cebu, is managed by the municipality together with a fisherfolks organization. Samboan's effort for nature's protection is proven by this marine sanctuary's existence for almost two decades already. You can visit the fish sanctuary or dive for a fee where you can experience the most preserved marine ecosystem where sharks often visit, dolphins ...

play, whales often traverse and all kinds of fish visit the shallowest part of the foreshore unprovoked by man.

Colase Marine Fish Sanctuary News

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    Six Waterfalls You Need To Visit When Youre In Samboan Cebu

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  • Colase Marine Sanctuary In Samboan

    Colase Marine Sanctuary In Samboan

    It is important to protect our natural resources to ensure the future generations will be able to benefit from them. This may have been the idea behind the Colase Marine Sanctuary in Dalahican, Samboan. The marine sanctuary was established around two decades ago and is managed by the officials from the municipality of Samboan and an organization of fisherfolk.

    Colase Marine Sanctuary

    The marine sanctuary is located close to the shoreline of Samboan and very accessible from the highway. While the beach may not be as impressive as some other beaches in the area, the highlight of visiting ...

  • Colase Marine Sanctuary A Colossal And Rich Marine Treasure In Samboan

    Colase Marine Sanctuary A Colossal And Rich Marine Treasure In Samboan

    Have you seen the National Geographic documentary film Aftermath: Population Zero? The feature gives us an insight of what happens to Earth, including its plant and animal life, if all of humanity suddenly vanishes. Without a single human to destroy and pillage natural resources, the planet truly heals and becomes a bustling biological paradise. We found evidence of that no-human-intrusion healing process in Colase Marine Sanctuary, located within the rustic town of Samboan in southern Cebu.

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  • Colase Marine Sanctuary

    Do you know that Cebu may have one of the biggest, longest, most pristine, and richest marine sanctuaries in the country? Welcome to Colase Marine Sanctuary in Samboan, Cebu.

  • Snorkeling In Samboan Part 2

    Snorkeling in Samboan Part 2 at Colase Marine Fish Sanctuary.