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  • Mountain View Nature Park Busay Cebu-Eve

    Mountain View Nature Park, Busay, Cebu.

  • Part 6 Overlooking Mountain View Natures

    Part 6 Enjoying the overlooking view and attraction at Mountain View Nature's Park, Busay Cebu. This mountain is near at the City of Cebu where you can relax, enjoy and breath the fresh air of the nature..There's a swimming pool, rope courses , station of the cross ,viewing deck overlooking Cebu, picnic park, restaurants/ restobar and cottages where you can stay overnight. You will see it on my next uploaded videos.. Don't miss to visit this wonderful place when you go Cebu because my family and i had so much staying overnight on this place relaxing with the wonders of nature...To view the pla ...

  • Mountain View Natures Park Tour

    Today i visited the Mountain View Nature's Park in Busay, Cebu
    The park not only has amazing views across Cebu City, Mactan Island and Olango Island, it also has a rope obstacle course and swimming pool
    Get away from the hot city and get into the cool air of the mountains

  • A Nice Little Trip In Mountain View Natu

    I had this trip planned to be done on 24 Aug '13, Saturday, together with my girl. An overnight stay at Mountain View Nature's Park and will be going home the following day. We wanted to be there early so that we can wander around and enjoy the place more.

    But unfortunately, my brother's wedding happens to be in the same day. I thought of postponing the said trip because of the wedding. A little frustrated because of the conflict of schedule but I have to do the wedding because my role is my brother's best man.

    The wedding started at 10AM and I expected the day to be a long one. The rece ...