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  • Taoist Temple Cebu Its More Fun In The Philippines

    On our first day in Ph, we decided to head down to the Taoist temple in Cebu after Cess' salon appointment. We weren't sure if there would be cabs at the area since the Temple is located in an exclusive village at Beverly Hills Subdivision, so we opted to try grab a car. Fortunately, this one driver who was dropping off a lady at the salon confirmed our grab request and agreed to take us and wait for us for whatever we are willing to offer. We offered 500pesos and he agreed happily. So off we went, stayed for maybe 15 minutes and kuya Benjamin (the grab car driver) dropped us off at Ayala Terr ...

  • Cebu Is 2nd Friendliest Island

    Cebu ranked second as the World's Friendliest Islands in 2016, according to New York-based travel magazine Travel + Leisure.

    "Cebu is a former Spanish colony, and people still travel to see the remaining architecture. Of course, the helpful locals are one of the island's greatest qualities," said the travel magazine.

    Three other islands in the Philippines cornered the top posts of the survey. Palawan was named the World's Friendliest Island 2016 while Luzon and Boracay landed the third and fourth spots, respectively.

    "People are very welcoming, respectful, and friendly," said one thri ...

  • A Day Trek Of First Times To Sirao Peak Via Budlaan-Malubog VLOG 35

    Many things happened here:

    Our company had a trekking challenge inline with their fitness program and we had it on Sirao Peak via Budlaan-Malubog. Most of the group are first timers! They're struggling yet they're having super fun!

    I got tripped while running around Malubog Golf Course and my phone was dropped! 😱 and

    The heat of the sun was unforgivable yet provided us a stunning view of the mountains and city.

    Details of this adventure will be posted on my blog:

    I hope you had fun and enjoyed the video. Please don't forget to LIKE and SUBSCRIBE. A ...

  • Fort San Pedro-The Oldest Fort In The Philippines

    Saturday. We got nothing to do at home and so the thought of visiting old places hit me. I decided to convince my mom and my nephew to have a little adventure by visiting some of Cebu's most historic places. We were still arguing about where to go while we were getting ready and decided to visit Fort San Pedro as our first stop.

    I remember when I was little, we used to visit here wit the family. I remember running around, horse playing with my cousins inside this very fortress.


    Fuerza de San Pedro or most commonly known as Fort San ...

  • Bocaue Peak Day Hike Camping

    Bocaue Peak or also known as Muffin Peak is situated around Bonbon, Cebu City. It popularly can be accessed through 5 Towers trail or the Babag trail. However, there are still many other arduous trails to reach the peak. It is one of the most promising summits that offer stunning 360-degrees of city and nature view. This travel guide answers frequently asked questions going to this peak:

    What to expect?

    Bocaue Peak is one of the nearest yet challenging trekking destination in Cebu City. Its trail class is classified as 2-3 and difficulty of 3-4/9.

    Expect to trek amidst thick lush of v ...

  • Bocaue Peak A Surprisingly Fun Unplanned Hike From Quiot Pardo

    Most people nowadays don't like to be lost. As much as I hate to admit it, getting lost does, after all, make us feel helpless and vulnerable as well as leave us a ton of challenges. But as most wise men say, "great things never came from comfort zones". And that was just one of the few captions, lessons and travel quotes that best describes our trek to Bocaue Peak in Cebu City.

    Even though we got literally lost in midst of Cebu city's highlands, we still managed to discover this peak, and experienced one of Team Bang's best hikes in 2017. Furthermore, we got to meet a couple of new friends ...