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  • Wet And Wild World Of River Trekking In Catmon Cebu

    Wet And Wild World Of River Trekking In Catmon Cebu

    River trekking is relative to canyoning, that was established as a kind of sports in parts of the world. Relatively, this kind of sports is somehow new in the Philippines. And who could have thought that this kind of sports can be found in the northern part of Cebu.

    After my waterscaping in some of the magnificent waterfalls in Southern Cebu, my adventurous soul led me to the wild terrain of Brgy. Tabili Catmon, Cebu. Since, none of my colleagues showed some interest in joining the adventure so I decided to post in on Facebook. Fortunately, my weekend recharge did not end up in a solo excur ...

  • A Hike To Mount Kapayas In Catmon Cebu

    The peak of Cebu Mid north Mountain, at Brgy. Cabancaya, Catmon, Cebu is a Historical Eco tourism Site, Transient Camp of Cebu first Filipino Governor and Revolution General Arcadio Maxillom against Spanish and American rule.

  • Esoy Hotspring Catmon Cebu

    Amazing things to do in and around Esoy Hot Spring.

  • Esoy Hot Spring Catmon Cebu

    From north bus terminal you can ride a bus/mini bus to catmon...fare ranges from 60-100 php. When you reach the town, you will ride a "habal-habal" to reach the place...fare is 25 php per person.

  • Catmon Esoy Hot Spring

    Catmon Esoy Hot Spring

    One summer we went straight to this town's discovery the recently developed "Esoys Hot spring". I remember I once visited years ago early 2000 with not that much development when my uncle just purchased the area. Now coming back I can see so much growth and I have also noticed local travel shows have featured it for tourism. The family then has finally decided to promote it to the public attracting both local and international tourist.

    As big as our family we troop to this uphill spring and surprised our aunt and uncle. I'm happy to have met them again, I use to live with this lovely family ...

  • Catmons 9th Budbod Kabog Festival A Success

    Catmons 9th Budbod Kabog Festival A Success

    Despite the odds brought by the calamities in 2013, the northern town of Catmon staged the ninth edition of its Budbod Kabog Festival last Monday, Feb. 10, as part of its annual fiesta celebration in honor of San Guillermo de Aquitania.

    Because of financial constraints, only four contingents from the same number of public schools joined the festival this year, from the six or seven participating groups in the previous years.

    The participants were the Ceferino Sususco Memorial National High School, Catmon National High School, Catmon Integrated School high school department and the Tinaby ...