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  • Mt Mago One Of The Easiest Hike Destinations In Northern Cebu That Youd Probably Want To Wander For More

    Mt Mago One Of The Easiest Hike Destinations In Northern Cebu That Youd Probably Want To Wander For More

    After having no trips and wanders for weeks, I thought I had already lost my sanity. Boredom had caused this sort of craziness that somehow made me converse with myself.

    "I wanna go out again. . .(Where?…)

    I long to have an excursion with friends. (Where!?…)

    I yearn to be outside again away from the muddled sight in the city.(But where?…)

    It would be a great idea hiking and climbing mountains again like in Osmeña Peak (probably! . . .) or perhaps chasing waterfalls like the one in Kawasan Falls (sounds good to me…) But not in the South again!!!! … How about in the nort ...

  • Mangitngit Falls At The Municipality Of Carmen

    Look at this beautiful creation the Mangitngit Falls located in Carmen, Cebu.

  • Mount Mago Crossing Boundaries

    Mount Mago Crossing Boundaries

    "I should've given it to you before; but I was just scared. The thing is I'm not scared anymore. You know what I mean?" -Rapunzel

    And I keep wondering, wondering, when will my life begin? Familiar? Oh yes, I'm quite obsess with Rapunzel's song on the movie Tangled. Aside from Mulan and Pocahontas, this charming princess with a long, magic, golden hair who left her secluded tower to set forth on an adventure with Flynn Rider has been the epitome of great adventure for me.

    I don't know why I remembered the adventure of Rapunzel upon our recent trip to Mt. Mago. Probably, because of the veg ...

  • The Boundary Climb At Mago Peak

    The Boundary Climb At Mago Peak

    A friend invited me to a climbing event, The Boundary Climb, at Mago Peak which is at the boundary of the towns Carmen, Danao and Tuburan, last July 2015. Since camping sessions were getting rare for me, this was my first overnight trek for almost a year, I did not hesitate and immediately agreed to join the climb. The event was organized by PAC Outdoor Gear which was open to all trekkers, both experienced and beginners.

    The team met up at the North Bus terminal at around 10:30AM. The Filipino trait of having the "Filipino time" was evident as some participants arrived late. We were able to ...

  • Mago Peak The Boundary Climb

    Mago Peak The Boundary Climb

    Last month, PAC Gear organized an event for the trekking enthusiasts in Cebu (registration was PHP300 for guide fee, permits, and bag tag), so our group joined in. This was my first trek with total strangers, and we were around 50 in number! The idea of having many people going trekking is exciting, but some things get a little bit frustrating.

    The planned meet-up was at 10am at North Bus Terminal, but some people from other groups came [very] late. When we were finally complete at around 12pm, we rode a bus to Carmen (PHP50/head; there was even a mishap with this one due to our number and ...

  • Mago Peak Leaving No Trace

    Mago Peak Leaving No Trace

    I find it absurd when people begin crying for help to save the Earth. While the intention is noble, I cannot help but laugh at our apparent arrogance as MAN. Earth doesn't need any saving. Earth demands respect, however. Why would the Earth ??" which outlived the dinosaurs many eons ago, and would outlive even time itself ??" seek help from puny little creatures who can't even agree among themselves? Friends, the Earth needs no saving. We, on the other hand, are lamentably in need of salvation from our own misdoings. Let us save ourselves. Respect Mother Nature. Respect life in all of its form ...