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  • Mainit Mabugnaw Cave Explore The Underworld Of Carcar In Cebu

    Mainit Mabugnaw Cave Explore The Underworld Of Carcar In Cebu

    Spelunking, or cave exploring, may not rank high on most people's vacation to-do lists. However, it is nothing less of an adventure and something meant to be experienced firsthand. Caves are amazing natural wonders because within its walls are thousands of years of Earth's history. And Cebu happens to be blessed to have a large number of caves worth discovering, such as the Mainit Mabugnaw cave located in the municipality of Barili, near Carcar.

    Park entrance

    This enormous cave is the crowning glory of the 57-hectare DENR-approved Mainit Mabugnaw National Park in Barangay Guadalupe. Outd ...

  • Basak Falls In San Fernando And Malingin Falls In Carcar

    Basak Falls in San Fernando and Malingin Falls in Carcar.

  • Weddings Make Me Cry so Does Malingin Falls

    Weddings Make Me Cry so Does Malingin Falls

    "Weddings make me cry; so does Malingin Waterfalls!" I was thinking this way when I was invited for a wedding a day prior to my south trip. I was down on bed crying and reminiscing the day when I was supposed to be married last 2015. Yes! My lovelife was a topsy-turvy - eight days before the wedding, my then-boyfriend did not show up. To cut the story short, I cringe by the idea of marriage and wedding days.

    Aside from being melodramatic, I wanted to escape the deafening sound of depression. If I'd stay in my room the whole day, I would end up with swollen eyes and runny nose. I'd be adding ...

  • Caving In Carcar

    Do you know that there's a massive cave in Carcar, Cebu? Enter this lovely underground world through the Mainit Mabugnaw National Park.

    Together with Outpax and Base Camp Emergency Rescue Team, we explored this beautiful cave. We had a great day of abseiling, chatting with new friends, and having a lot of fun!

    For more details about this adventure, check click the link below:

    Check out Outpax to join or organize adventures by clicking the link below:

    For more of our adventures, check out our blog Adrenaline Romance by ...

  • Cave Rappelling Mainit Mabugnaw Carcar Cebu

    A friend and office mate invited me to a rappelling gig in a cave located in Mainit Mabugnaw Carcar, Cebu that he organized for Aug. 07 Saturday. The cost? Only P500.00 which covers for the cost of lunch (P50), transportation (P300 round trip) , and rental for the unlimited use of the rappelling equipment provided by a friend of my office mate (P150.00). Stressed out from work and desperately needing a break, I decided to join the trip. Besides the cost was cheap.

    I don't know anything and have not tried rappelling before but my friend assured me that it would be fun. Days before, I ...

  • Carcar To Mark Kabkaban Fest On November 24

    This year's Kabkaban Festival will depict the life of Cebuano saint Pedro Calungsod.

    "Kabkaban" is a ritual dance that is believed to drive away bad spirits when performed.

    Carcar City Mayor Nicepuro Apura said the festival, which will be celebrated on November 24, will focus on the life of Calungsod, a teenage Catholic missionary who died a martyr in Guam more than three centuries ago.

    Calungsod was a teenage native of the Visayas region who joined Spanish Jesuit missionaries, led by Fr. Diego Luis de San Vitores, to a voyage to evangelize natives of the Mariana Islands in 1668.

    T ...