Capitancillo Islet

Bogo City, Cebu

Capitancillo Island, Capitancillo islet, is a small, coral island near Bogo, Cebu, Philippines. The island is a protected marine sanctuary, featuring three dive sites and a lighthouse.

Three areas around the island, the Ormoc Shoal, the Nunez Shoal, and the southwest wall of Capitancillo, are recognized dive sites. Polambato Port, Nailon Wharf, Marangog Cove, and Odlot Hideaway all ...

serve as jumping-off points to the island from Bogo, and the trip takes anywhere from fifteen to forty-five minutes. There are no stores or accommodations available on the island.

Legends surrounding the island state that Capitancillo was named after Captain Basillo, the captain of a Spanish trading vessel. According to the legends, Captain Basillo insulted a local datu, named Bugtopasan. Bugtopasan cursed Captain Basillo and put a spell on him, transforming the Captain's galleon into the island.

The original lighthouse was listed in the Faros Espanoles de Ultramar as one of 27 major lighthouses of the Philippines.[4] The Capitancillo lighthouse was built in 1905, with the current white steel tower dating from the 1950s. The tower is 25 m high and flashes three white lights every ten seconds. The lighthouse's designation is ARLHS PHI-079.  Wiki

Capitancillo Island Islet Marine Sanctuary News

  • Capitancillo Island Tiny Yet Exhibiting Unique Magnificence

    Capitancillo Island Tiny Yet Exhibiting Unique Magnificence

    The roar of the boat's engine was kind of deafening, leaving us to keep mum and just look around the view of the sea and the horizon. It was a beautiful morning; the sun's rays penetrated our skin and warmed our body. The gentle waves hit the boat with a rhythm that made me sleepy when suddenly one of our companions pointed to something in the sea. When I looked at it, I saw a dorsal fin protruding on the seawater.

  • Capitancillo Islet In Bogo City

    Capitancillo Islet In Bogo City

    Capitancillo Islet is a small uninhabited island situated close to the City of Bogo in northern Cebu. The six-hectare islet features three recognized dive sites and is a part of a protected marine sanctuary.

    Local legend

    A local legend indicates that the islet was named after a Spanish trading vessel captain, Captain Basillo. The captain supposedly offended Datu Bugtopasan, a local datu. Due to this, the datu placed a curse on the captain and transformed the ship of the captain into an island.


    The island has a lighthouse that uses solar energy for power. It is located ri ...

  • City Of Bogo Capitancillo Islet Aerial View

    The aerial view of Capitancillo Islet located in Bogo City, Cebu, Philippines.

  • The Legend Of Capitancillo a Captain Island

    The Legend Of Capitancillo a Captain Island

    Get to know Captain Basillo and why an island was named after him.

    The small, 6-hectare coral island is found in the waters of the Visayan Sea near Bogo City, Cebu. It is part of the protected marine sanctuary that features a lighthouse and three dive sites around the island.

    According to legends, the Capitancillo islet was named after the captain of a Spanish trading vessel, Captain Basillo. Story goes that he offended a local datu, Datu Bugtopasan. The datu cursed the captain by transforming his ship into an island.

    On top of the small island, you'll find a solar-powered lighthouse ...

  • Capitancillo Island

    Capitancillo Island

    Let's start up at the north of Cebu.

    Just off the shores of Bogo City, lies a six hectare islet called Capitancillo.

    Local myth narrates of a Captain Basilio who incurred the ire of a local shaman that turned his galleon into the island that we know it today.


    The origins don't take away from the fact that the government of Bogo City had foresight enough to declare it a marine sanctuary. And we're all the better for it.

    Capitancillo island is blessed with pristine coral reefs. teeming with colorful species of fish that abound and an abundance of other types of marine l ...

  • Summer Surprises In Cebu

    Summer Surprises In Cebu

    As soon as April started, Facebook walls got flooded with posts of your friends' summer vacation destinations.

    Don't get me wrong. Traveling is good. It's amazing. In fact, please do travel. But going to places so far away without checking out what's in your own backyard just to earn the right to be called well-travelled is absolute rubbish.

    So don't be such a snob and take time to explore your own beloved Cebu, which is blessed with amazing spots, some of which are rarely visited.

    This amazing island hides pure beauty from coast to coast, so pack your bags and enjoy what it has to of ...