Caohagan Island Fish Sanctuary

Lapu-Lapu City, Cebu

Caohagan Island Marine Fish Sanctuary is a small island with a wide expansive sandbar during low tide, a small village and market. The island is approximately 30 minutes from Mactan Island via boat, and one of the popular destinations in the Cebu island hopping tours.

Caohagan island has a small population with fishing as their main livelihood. It has white sandy beaches and cottag ...

es that are available for tourists. The island's inhabitants are friendly and hospitable. It is considered as a class B dive site. To reach this popular tourist destination, one must travel to Mactan island first. Then take a motorized boat from the Marigondon port or Dapdap port near Vista Mar to reach Caohagan, or hire a boat from boat operators at the dock of Punta Engano. From Maribago travel time is estimated around 1 hour and 15 minutes.

Caohagan is rich with a supply of seafood and other beautiful beaches with waters filled with magnificent marine life. Both local and foreign tourists keep coming back because of its excellent snorkeling and diving site. Its peaceful and relaxing atmosphere can never be equaled.

Caohagan Island and Marine Fish Sanctuary News

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    The Philippines has 7,107 islands and a good number of these islands can be considered paradises for nature lovers. Cebu has its share of these hidden Edens with some of them made into marine sanctuaries. One of these islands is Caohagan Island.

    Caohagan Island hosts the Caohagan Island Marine Sanctuary, which is located along its coastline. Due to this, the waters around the island are rich in marine life. To ensure the protection of the area, coastal patrolmen are tasked in monitoring the waters. These patrols were organized by the residents of the island.

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