Cancalanog Falls

Alegria, Cebu

Cancalanog Falls is located in Compostela, Alegria, Cebu. It has an enchanted blue-green ice-cold water creating a big natural fresh swimming pool.

Cancalanog Falls News

  • Perfect Chasing Waterfalls Summer Adventure At Cebu South

    It's summer time and the sun is extremely up! Everyone's getting pumped up for an adventure! Family, barkada and even team outings are getting organized and already materialized. Some may have ended up of so-called "drawing nalang sa picture"! Surely, there's a wide array of destinations especially in the Queen City of the South from mountains to beaches to waterfalls that'll surely satisfy the adrenaline-thirsty soul of everyone.

    Here's a compilation of waterfalls in Cebu's South that I've been to and would definitely suggest for a perfect summer outing!

    Kawasan Falls, Badian

    This gr ...

  • Enchantingly Beautiful Cancalanog Falls Of Alegria

    The island of Cebu has numerous treasures that have yet to be fully appreciated by many Cebuanos. These hidden treasures are generally known by the locals but are unfamiliar to people from the other parts in Cebu. One of these natural wonders is the Cancalanog Falls.

    Sight to Behold

    The Cancalanog Falls is a sight to behold for first-time visitors. Heck, it is a sight to behold even for return visitors who would be awed by the greenish-blue hue of the waters. The unique glow is reminiscent of the Enchanted River in Surigao. The waterfalls itself may not be as magnificent as the other fam ...

  • Chasing Three Waterfalls In Cebu For 1000 Pesos

    The rain pours hard in the city yet @robertjaysons have set his mind with this wanderlust on a shoestring.

    By 2AM, we left the city riding the Ceres Bus bound to Bato via Barili as we're bound to Alegria to see for ourselves three waterfalls that caught our attention online. The fare costs us P139 each person.

    Upon arriving in the town's park, we were able to haggle with a local motorcycle driver to take us to all three spots for P500 per person. Way affordable than the expected costs of P700 for two spots.

    We've cooked our porkchop at home, brought some snacks and just bought hanging ...

  • Rejuvenate With Cancalanog Falls

    A quench of ice cold water splashing to your lifeless body revives the soul that will make you happy.

    Cancalanog Falls, Alegria, Cebu, one of the best waterfalls I've been so far in Cebu Province that one will feel peace and rejuvenation.

    This falls also being blessed by great sculpture where its scenery is simply beautiful that will make you feel like a grandiose paradise. The breath of fresh air, the icy cold waters, the beautiful scenery of the canyon, the sound of the waterfalls, Ughh A perfect vacation with nature!

    From Cebu City, one can take bus from the South ...

  • Waterfalls In Alegria Cebu Kangcalanog Cancalanog Falls

    Alegria, a town in the South of Cebu, is making a name in tourism due to the influx of tourists going for canyoneering or waterfall adventure. Kangcalanog Falls is located in the mountain areas of Alegria. Bloggers often spell it with a C as in Cancalanog. It is not as developed as Kawasan Falls in Badian but it's perfect for adventure bluffs.

    From Cebu City South Bus Terminal, take the bus with Bato-Oslob route and disembark at the heart of the town. If you miss the town center, here's another landmark you would surely notice - the large signpost for Canyoneering and Kangcalanog Waterfal ...

  • Alegria April Falls Day

    The good thing about living in Cebu is that you can take a jaunt even when you don't have the luxury of time. I was lucky I got a chance to spend a long weekend. However, errands back home wouldn't allow me to go outside Cebu, so instead, I headed somewhere down south.

    I've already gone to some parts of the south of Cebu but this time I am going to uncover the hidden gems of Algeria which is a little over 3 hours away from Cebu city.

    It is not that I am going to reveal it like a secret information for we all know it is widely circulating around in the internet with the aid of social medi ...