Busay Falls Cebu

San Fernando, Cebu

Busay Falls is accessible either through Barangay Balud (wave in english) or through Barangay Talisay to Barangay Basak located in San Fernando, Cebu. Busay is actually a three level waterfall, you can see the big drop, you have to hike a few meters to see its grandeur.

Busay Falls Cebu News

  • Busay Falls Cebu Philippines With Aerial View

    We went to check out busay falls which isn't too far outside of Cebu city. Once there they said there wasn't any water but we went and checked it out anyways. Also put the drone up and got a video of the aerial view of Cebu.

  • Majestic Camotes Island A Hideaway Haven

    Majestic Camotes Island A Hideaway Haven

    Traveling is indeed fun but what can make it amazing is the copious and evocative resources of a specific place enough to provide an ineradicable experience. Way back our time from Spaniards, the name of the island was derived from one of it's local products which is the "Camote" and was called "Camotes Island" since then. The island group is composed of four towns namely Poro, Tudela, Pilar, and San Francisco.

    It's geographically located east of Cebu Island. It's conceivably a haven for some locals and tourists due to its natural god-given spots as well as a number of hotels and resorts in ...

  • The Hidden Waterfall In San Fernando

    The Hidden Waterfall In San Fernando

    San Fernando may not be as popular among tourists compared to Dalaguete, Alcoy, Oslob, Badian, and the other go-to spots in the south of Cebu, but that doesn't mean there's nothing to see here.

    Honestly, I used to think that San Fernando was just a passage way for the more scenic spots down south. Little did I know that the first time I'd spend my time here, I would like it very much. In my previous post, I talked about Bacalla Woods Campsite. Now, it's time for the real highlight of the trip-the trek to the hidden waterfall!

    The two more known waterfalls in the municipality are Busay Fa ...

  • 10 Cool Cebu City Destinations For Nature Lovers

    10 Cool Cebu City Destinations For Nature Lovers

    Thinking of getting away from the hustle and bustle of the concrete jungle but don't have time for long travels? Today is your lucky day! TheCebuano presents 10 amazing destinations within Cebu City that feature the change of scenery that you need and deserve right this very minute. If you're a lover of nature and anything that's clean and fun, read on!

    1. Kabang Falls
    Located in Barangay Budlaan (15 minutes from Talamban), Kabang Falls can be reached after a full hour of river crossings and treks through lush greens.

    2. Pedro Calungsod Peak
    Located in Barangay Sirao (and just 5 minute ...

  • Basak Falls In San Fernando And Malingin Falls In Carcar

    Basak Falls in San Fernando and Malingin Falls in Carcar.

  • Searching For Busay Falls In San Fernando Cebu

    I happen to follow some instagram adventurers and decided to try to re-trace their steps to visit a nearby waterfalls in San Fernando, Cebu called Busay Falls. A quick fun fact, Busay means waterfalls in Cebuano/Bisaya. So it is kind of redundant to call it Busay+Falls. The waterfalls is accessible either through Barangay Balud (wave in bisaya) or through Barangay Talisay to Barangay Basak where the falls is in San Fernando.

    This is also my first time in going on an solo-adventure! The search for this waterfalls is quite tricky and I ended up getting lost 3 times (twice in searching for it, ...