Bukilat Cave

Tudela, Cebu

Bukilat Cave is a large natural cavern in the southeastern part of Poro island. Because of naturally formed piercings in its canopy, the interior is well illuminated. There are many stalactites and stalagmites.

The cave served as shelter for the people living in the island from the Japanese invaders during World War II. Hidden treasures are rumoured to be scattered throughout the ar ...


Poro Island is an island in the province of Cebu, located east of Cebu Island and west of Leyte Island. Two municipalities, Poro and Tudela, are located on Poro Island. It is one of the four Camotes Islands along with Pacijan Island, Ponson Island, and Tulang Island.

Sometimes known as the "Lost Horizon of the south", within recent years Camotes has seen increased visitors and tourism and a growing expatriate community.  Wiki

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  • Spirit Diving

    Spirit Diving

    I expected least but got a baptism when I recently swam in the underground waters of two caves in Camotes Island.

    A dedicated armchair tourist, I still somehow ended up in caves, from the wartime bunkers in Alegria, south of Cebu to the trans-water caves, with a few running for 2-km stretches, in Trang An, Vietnam.

    Caves exert a powerful hold. From World War II survivors in Alegria, I learned how upland caves aided their escape from the Japanese Imperial Army and town collaborators.

    Almost a quarter of a century after, survivors recalled how the caves held water they took care not to ...

  • Travel Guide In Camotes Island Cebu Philippines

    Travel Guide In Camotes Island Cebu Philippines

    "'Camote', replied the island ancestors when asked by the Spaniards about the name of the place. The natives were harvesting sweet potatoes (camote) then and thought that the Spaniards were asking what they were digging. That's how the group of islands got its name according to local folklore".

    Tagged as the lost horizon of the south because of its unspoiled beauty, Camotes is a group of islands composed of four major islands (and four towns) namely Pacija (San Francisco), Ponson (Pilar), Poro (Poro and Tudela), and Tulang. It is geographically located between the Cebu mainland and Leyte. I ...

  • Majestic Camotes Island A Hideaway Haven

    Majestic Camotes Island A Hideaway Haven

    Traveling is indeed fun but what can make it amazing is the copious and evocative resources of a specific place enough to provide an ineradicable experience. Way back our time from Spaniards, the name of the island was derived from one of it's local products which is the "Camote" and was called "Camotes Island" since then. The island group is composed of four towns namely Poro, Tudela, Pilar, and San Francisco.

    It's geographically located east of Cebu Island. It's conceivably a haven for some locals and tourists due to its natural god-given spots as well as a number of hotels and resorts in ...

  • Islands Of Camotes A Package Destination

    Islands Of Camotes A Package Destination

    Camotes is located southwest of Leyte, east of Cebu Island and consists of three major islands namely Ponson, Poro and Pacijan Island. It is well-known for its unspoiled destinations and pristine white sand beaches.

    Aroused by the desire to visit the place, I immediately pack my things and grab my two friends to the island. BER months may be considered as the coolest season of the year and months filled with rainy days but this thought never once bothered us in pursuing our trip to Camotes Island. Fortunately, the weather was pretty fine and the sun shining effervescently was perfect for ou ...

  • The Story Of Camotes

    The Story Of Camotes

    The Loch Ness Monster, also known as Nessie, though accepted as a myth, has been lingering in the minds of many for years.

    Despite numerous attempts of settling this controversy, there are still those who believe that magnificent creatures like Nessie may be living beneath the wide cover of lakes, trenches and the deep blue sea, and I, for one, am certain, that I've seen one of Nessie's cousins while visiting the islands of Camotes.

    Located a few kilometers away from Cebu is the Lost Horizon in the South, also known as the province of Camotes. It is composed of four islands, namely, Paci ...

  • Captivating Camotes

    Captivating Camotes

    It was an emotional experience for some. Others thought of it as the perfect time for family bonding.

    A couple appreciated the relaxed pace of the tour.

    And there are many who were in it for pure enjoyment.

    The three-day jaunt meant different things to different people, but one thing was certain??"Suroy Suroy Sugbo: Camotes Isles Summer Interlude was a welcome treat for all, an experience that will not be soon forgotten.


    A small group of islands composed of Poro, Pasijan and Ponson, Camotes Islands is located in the northern-most part of Cebu. Accessible by ferry ...