Buhisan Watershed Forest Reserve

Cebu City, Cebu

Buhisan Watershed Forest Reserve (BWFR) is a dam located in Buhisan, Cebu City, Philippines. It is one of the main source of water for Cebu City and Metro Cebu. Part of Central Cebu Protected Landscape, Buhisan Dam is situated in the mountains of Barangay Buhisan behind Labangon Cebu. Built in 1911-1912 and maintained by the Metro Cebu Water District, it is being developed into an eco-tourism loca ...

tion. It supplies five percent of Metropolitan Cebu Water District's (MCWD) current water capacity.

Buhisan Watershed Forest Reserve News

  • Trailed The Spartan Ground

    Trailed The Spartan Ground

    Being widely known as the most challenging track in Cebu, Spartan Trail is not new to every hiking enthusiasts in the city. In fact, from being the practice ground for those who are up for a major climb, this trail has gone from being famous to infamous. Gone were the days when this treacherous terrain is only for experienced hikers. Recently, there are already first-timers who bravely track this trail despite their inexperience. Dont get me wrong. I actually admire their courage and determination.

  • Social Media Drives Volunteers To Climb Clean PH Mountains

    Social Media Drives Volunteers To Climb Clean PH Mountains

    Over a thousand volunteer hikers collected close to a ton of garbage during a recent simultaneous mountain cleanup driven by an online event.

    Mountaineering groups cleaned up at least 60 mountains across the country during the National Mountain Cleanup Day (NMCD) last week. This was the fourth event since medical anthropologist Gideon Lasco put out the idea on his blog, ?Pinoy Mountaineer.?

    The blog was created in 2007 as a trekking guide, but it eventually promoted ethical hiking and environmental protection.

    Lasco, who became a World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF)- Philippines ?influenc ...

  • Buhisan Watershed Quenching The Thirst Of Cebuanos

    Buhisan Watershed Quenching The Thirst Of Cebuanos

    The Buhisan Watershed provides the water to quench the thirst of the residents of the Queen City of the South. Located within the mountainous area of central Cebu, the Buhisan Watershed is a part of the Central Cebu Protected Landscape, a protected area located in the drainage basins and mountains of central Cebu. The protected area also includes the Sudlon National Park, Central Cebu National Park, Kotkot-Lusaran Watershed Forest Reserve and the Mananga Watershed Forest Reserve.

    The Buhisan Watershed was established during the American period when then Speaker of the Philippine Assembly Se ...

  • 10 Cool Cebu City Destinations For Nature Lovers

    10 Cool Cebu City Destinations For Nature Lovers

    Thinking of getting away from the hustle and bustle of the concrete jungle but don't have time for long travels? Today is your lucky day! TheCebuano presents 10 amazing destinations within Cebu City that feature the change of scenery that you need and deserve right this very minute. If you're a lover of nature and anything that's clean and fun, read on!

    1. Kabang Falls
    Located in Barangay Budlaan (15 minutes from Talamban), Kabang Falls can be reached after a full hour of river crossings and treks through lush greens.

    2. Pedro Calungsod Peak
    Located in Barangay Sirao (and just 5 minute ...

  • Plant Trees To Protect Watershed Farmers Told

    Plant Trees To Protect Watershed Farmers Told

    Farmers living near watershed areas in Central Visayas are urged to plant trees to help the Department of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR-7) in their campaign to conserve and protect the watersheds in the region.

    A watershed is an area of land that drains rainwater into one location such as stream, lake or wetland.

    These water bodies supply drinking water, water for agriculture and manufacturing, and provide habitat to numerous plants and animals.

    Fedencio Carreon, Chief of the Technical Division of Provincial Environment and Natural Resources Office (PENRO) in Cebu, during th ...

  • Senate Committee Pleads For Conservation Of Forests And Protected Areas

    Senate Committee Pleads For Conservation Of Forests And Protected Areas

    The Senate climate change committee pressed the national government to conserve the country's forests and other protected areas as they are vital to improving water levels and food security and, thus, alleviating poverty.

    Sen. Loren Legarda, committee chairwoman, issued the statement as the world celebrated the International Day of Forests on Mar 21 and the World Water Day on Mar 22.

    Legarda said water is a vital source of life and our forests are key to the Earth's supply of freshwater.

    "That is why we have been eagerly pushing for stronger measures that will protect our protected ar ...