Bugasok Falls

Argao, Cebu

Hidden far deep in Argao's mountain barangay called Conalum is the town's majestic Bugasok Falls. The way to Bugasok Falls is by a trek through the riverside, starting at the bridge built over the river in the mainland. The trail upriver to the falls is an enchanted walk along "forested cliffs and solid rock boulders" where you get to see unique plants and birds.

Bugasok Falls News

  • Bugasok Falls-Argao

    My first adventure in 2017 was in Argao!
    After our caving at Agta Cave, we checked Bugasok Falls before we go back to Tourism Office.

    Jessie's Torta & Sikwate were our snacks after the caving and a long drive by motorcycle. As always these Argao's delicacies are my favorite.

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  • Agta Cave And Bugasok Falls In Argao Cebu

    Agta Cave And Bugasok Falls In Argao Cebu

    A few weeks ago, Punky, who was one of my travel buddies in Cotabato, invited me and other friends to see Agta Cave and Bugasok Falls in Argao in Cebu. Since I didn't have a major trip on April 26, I said yes with some reservations. I was able to confirm I was joining a few days before the trip.

    This, by the way, got me thinking that I haven't been much around the Cebu province. Cebu is my second home next to Negros Occidental, but just like my actual home province, I haven't put much focus in it. Maybe I should start #ProjectCebu too.

    I arrived in Cebu City via my usual route on the af ...

  • Argao Adventure Exploring The Mystical Balay Sa Agta And Bugasok Falls

    Argao Adventure Exploring The Mystical Balay Sa Agta And Bugasok Falls

    The Philippine Mythology is, to me, a cultural treasure and a patchwork of inspiring tales. From the inhumanly strong Bernardo Caprio to the mountain goddess and her golden galleon in Argao, I've heard and read plenty of intriguing Philippine mythical stories that made my childhood pretty awesome. Not to mention, these tales kept me at bay, whenever I had an urge to wander at night around neighborhood.

    But with the recent upsurge of social media and sci-fi films, the Philippine folklore is sadly becoming a lost art. Even though the Philippine Mythology is extremely fascinating, today's you ...

  • Waterfalls Worth Chasing In The PH

    Waterfalls Worth Chasing In The PH

    If your travel list for this year isn't complete yet, here's an idea from "Biyahe ni Drew": go chase these waterfalls across the Philippines!
    Luzon, Visayas, and Mindanao---wherever you are, we've got you covered!


    Daranak Falls- Tanay, Rizal

    How to get there:

    Going to Rizal, there are several ways and modes of transportation that you may take:

    By Jeepney
    Take a jeepney or FX taxi going to San Mateo or Montalban Rizal for P29 in Cubao, Quezon City (in front of Gateway Mall)

    By Bus
    If you are from Manila, city buses like RRCG, G-Liner and EMBC are some of the availabl ...

  • Taking A Plunge In Argao

    Taking A Plunge In Argao

    How do you know that a cave is big? A river runs through it.

    Cebu boasts of a town where one can go trekking on a mountain, spelunking in a huge wet cave and swimming under a waterfall secluded by gigantic stone formations, all in less than a day.

    The estimated budget for this weekend or day-off getaway? About P400 to P600 for each adventurer, depending on the number of your peers.

    But this is not for the faint-hearted.

    Dubbed as "Balay sa Agta", Cebu's largest cave in the town of Argao does not, despite its name, host some giant black-skinned monsters or agta. Neither does the cav ...

  • A Visit To Agta Cave And Bugasok Falls

    A Visit To Agta Cave And Bugasok Falls


    Argao hasn't been a foreign place for me. I have been there a lot of times if the family visits my nephew. But this trek/trip was a total different. Had I known we will be doing the scariest trek in my entire life, I could've backed out. I am sooo proud of myself for doing it. It was worth it. It was adrenaline rush telling me to overcome the dangers of going up and down the mountain. I'll tell you why.

    Argao is located at the Southern Cebu. Approximately 5-6 cities away from the main Cebu City. I was invited by restless feet friends (Th ...