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  • 5 Things You Still Do Daily That Harm The Sea

    5 Things You Still Do Daily That Harm The Sea

    Picture this: You're in a cute malliot or bikini-top-Daisy-Duke combo, sitting in a bamboo hut on the shoreline. You can smell nothing but the sea breeze and your sunblock while sipping coconut juice from a straw, thinking of heading out for a swim later to see some corals and may pick one or two to turn into a souvenir necklace. Just when you are about to resign to #thatisland life, I'd like to interrupt and say you're forgetting how, in that sequence, you are most likely harming the sea.

    At the Human Nature #SOSCoastival, an event that promises to be an eco-friendly version of Laboracay, ...

  • Captivating Camotes

    Captivating Camotes

    It was an emotional experience for some. Others thought of it as the perfect time for family bonding.

    A couple appreciated the relaxed pace of the tour.

    And there are many who were in it for pure enjoyment.

    The three-day jaunt meant different things to different people, but one thing was certain??"Suroy Suroy Sugbo: Camotes Isles Summer Interlude was a welcome treat for all, an experience that will not be soon forgotten.


    A small group of islands composed of Poro, Pasijan and Ponson, Camotes Islands is located in the northern-most part of Cebu. Accessible by ferry ...

  • Snorkeling In Pescador Island And Panagsama Island

    Kay nagkatapok na man sad ang mga laagan sa Sedgwick! Snorkeling in Pescador Island And Panagsama Island.