Bonbon Falls

Samboan, Cebu

Bonbon Falls is another impressive beauty located in the Municipality of Samboan, Cebu. The waterfalls has not been disturbed by commercial development yet so the beautiful natural surroundings of trees and lush greenery has been preserved.

The Bonbon Falls is also called the Triple Drop Falls because of the three drops of the falls that are side by side with each other and their th ...

in water flows. The waterfalls is not that high so you can climb directly up the peak by climbing the side of the falls.

Some of the stones in the side of the falls have been carved up into stair-like crevices that you can step on as you climb to the top. Just be careful that you do not lose your balance when you climb up as the rocks are somewhat steep and slippery due to the flowing waters. There are also some small caves along the sides of the waterfalls.

The trek to the top can take up to 15 minutes while going down can take up to 10 minutes. If you are the adventurous type, the waterfalls can also be an ideal venue for rappelling and canyonning from the top going to the bottom.

The Bonbon Falls is located in Barangay Bonbon in Samboan, Cebu. The town of Samboan is about 140-kilometers from Cebu City and is situated in the southwestern coast of Cebu Island. The town of Samboan can be reached by public buses or hired private vans from the Cebu South Terminal in the Mandaue Reclamation Area in Cebu City. The estimated travel time from the city to Samboan is three to four hours.

Bonbon Falls News

  • Checking Out The Bonbon Hidden Falls In Samboan

    Checking Out The Bonbon Hidden Falls In Samboan

    Would you follow the advice of TLC and not to go chasing waterfalls? Well, if you visit Cebu, you may have second thoughts about this advice.

    Tucked away in the hinterlands of Samboan is a hidden natural beauty that has been left untouched by commercial development. Locals call the place Bonbon Hidden Falls while visitors may refer to it as the Triple Drop Falls. Whatever the case may be it is still a hidden gem that has yet to be discovered by a good part of the population of the island.

    The Bonbon Hidden Falls is located in Barangay Bonbon of Samboan. Samboan is a municipality located ...

  • Bonbon Hidden Falls Of Cebu

    Bonbon "Hidden" Falls located at Brgy. Bon-bon, Samboan, Cebu, Philippines. Estimated 30-35 feet in height and 8 feet deep.

  • South Cebu Adventure Aguinid Bonbon And Dao Waterfalls In Samboan

    South Cebu Adventure Aguinid Bonbon And Dao Waterfalls In Samboan

    I went to Cebu last August 2014 but, it was just a quick visit to Oslob for some whale-shark watching. So I decided to go back and have an adventure in the southern part. First on my list is the waterfalls in Samboan.

    How to get there

    Samboan is a small town on a hill near the coast, around 150 KM from Cebu City. It is the second southernmost town in Cebu where you can also see Dumaguete. Aside from Samboan, you can also check out Ginatilan and Malabuyoc for other waterfalls.

    From Cebu
    Ride a Ceres bus bound to Bato via Barili in South Terminal then ask the conductor to drop you off ...

  • Chasing Waterfalls in Samboan South Cebu Dao Bonbon and Aguinid

    Chasing Waterfalls in Samboan South Cebu Dao Bonbon and Aguinid

    I've been in Cebu for 2 years but I have not really explored the province since I was very preoccupied. At the start of the year, I've started to travel again and plan my adventures including this series of waterfalls in the south part of the Cebu Province. This is the first part of the Chasing Waterfalls in South Cebu.

    I took the 3AM trip to Liloan via Bato-Barili at the Cebu South Bus Terminal on my way to Samboan, the last municipality in the southwest side of Cebu Province and 150km from Cebu City.

    The landmark for the town proper of Samboan is this kiosk with a farmer on top. I arri ...

  • Bonbon River Trekking And Caving From Sea To Summit

    Bonbon River Trekking And Caving From Sea To Summit

    It's been a long time since I last set foot in Bon2x. This place is usually where we spent our overnight if we wanted to get out of the City.Only a few people know about this place besides the locals around the area.

    We met up with the group at JY Square Mall. About 30mins after, we head our way to the jeepney stop to take a ride to Bonbon.

    We take a jeepney ride towards our destination. The coolest thing happens during this ride? A fortune teller was riding with us. We didn't ask her any questions. She just handed us information regarding our future. Kinda creepy though. She even told ...

  • Timeless in Samboan

    Samboan is a 5th class municipality in the province of Cebu, Philippines. The municipality is bounded on the south by municipality of Santader, on the north by municipality of Ginatilan, on the east by municipality of Oslob and on the west by TaƱon Strait. Samboan is an abbreviation of the word Sinamboang, the origin of the name of the town. Sinamboang is a means of fishing commonly used by fishermen of the village.

    Like other Cebu towns' legends as to how they were named, Samboan's also came about from a language barrier between colonizers and natives. It seemed that some Spaniards came ...