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  • Capitancillo Islet In Bogo City

    Capitancillo Islet In Bogo City

    Capitancillo Islet is a small uninhabited island situated close to the City of Bogo in northern Cebu. The six-hectare islet features three recognized dive sites and is a part of a protected marine sanctuary.

    Local legend

    A local legend indicates that the islet was named after a Spanish trading vessel captain, Captain Basillo. The captain supposedly offended Datu Bugtopasan, a local datu. Due to this, the datu placed a curse on the captain and transformed the ship of the captain into an island.


    The island has a lighthouse that uses solar energy for power. It is located ri ...

  • Celebrating Good Harvest Through The Pintos Festival Of Bogo

    Celebrating Good Harvest Through The Pintos Festival Of Bogo

    Cebu is home to the Sinulog, which is considered among the grandest festivals in the whole archipelago. But, Cebu has more festivals to offer to visitors looking for something less grand yet still as fun. A good number of the towns in Cebu have their own festivals celebrating something significant in the town. For the City of Bogo, their festival celebrates the delicacy known as the pintos.

    ‚ÄčThe pintos is a local delicacy that is made of ground corn, margarine or butter and milk. This popular delicacy is wrapped inside corn husk. The delicacy is cooked by soaking it in boiling water ...

  • City Of Bogo Capitancillo Islet Aerial View

    The aerial view of Capitancillo Islet located in Bogo City, Cebu, Philippines.

  • Bogo The City Of Pintos

    Bogo The City Of Pintos

    Bogo City is a fourth class city located in the northern part of the province of Cebu, Philippines. According to the 2010 census, it has a population of 69,911 people.

    It was named after a tree that abounds in the locality and have been part of the town's trading culture before the turn of the 19th century. The people were highly engaged in fishing, agriculture and commerce and trading is done at the shade of these Bogo trees.

    Established as a parish on May 31, 1850, Bogo's patron was San Vicente Ferrer. Its old church, located near the town plaza, was described as having walls of tabiqu ...

  • Pintos Festival Of Bogo Cebu

    Pintos Festival Of Bogo Cebu

    Is an annual festival in the northern city of Bogo that showcases their delicious delicacy the pintos. Barangays all around Bogo City jive up together to form 5 cluster tribes. 'Kuyayang' is a courtship dance of the Bogohanons that is staged before the community during fiestas. This street mardi gras as a cultural tourism festival of Bogo manifests the cultural heritage of the town and serves as an avenue for cultural conservancy of the city.

    The Official Pintos Festival Jingle was composed by Mr. Dante J. Mayor with the assistance of Christian Yurango. The composition was finalized with th ...

  • The 3rd Pintos Festival

    The 3rd Pintos Festival

    The Pintos Festival is getting better every year," exclaimed Bogo City Mayor Celestino Martinez Jr. after watching the successful staging of the much improved 3rd Pintos Festival last Sunday May 27.

    Martinez told the crowd at the Don Celestino Martinez Sports Complex to expect a grander festival next year as they aim to gather more foreign visitors to flock the competition. Pintos Festival, which highlights their delicious Pintos delicacy, has become a fixture in the annual fiesta celebration of the city in honor of their patron St. Vicente Ferrer.

    Acting Governor Vice Governor elect Agn ...