Binalayan Falls

Samboan, Cebu

Binalayan Falls in Barangay Bonbon, Samboan is another of the southern town's "hidden gems." Unlike the Aguinid Falls in Barangay Tangbo, however, Binalayan Falls is a more "hidden" treasure. It's about a 15-minute walk from the highway. You can pass the trail that takes you to a wooded area filled with old trees like the balete (baliti in Cebuano) or the river. With some patience and directions f ...

rom local residents, you get to the Binalayan Falls, which is not very high but is breathtaking. The Aquatic Cebu Enthusiasts (ACE) say the water at Binalayan Falls is the cleanest they've seen so far. Like Aguinid Falls, there are no entrance fees, no facilities or signs that point you in the direction of Binalayan Falls.

Binalayan Falls News

  • Waterfalls Chasing In Cebu

    We decided to take a day trip to the south of Cebu to see these 3 beautiful waterfalls.

    1. Da-u Falls which was the farthest
    2. Binalayan Hidden Falls
    3. Aguinid Multi-level Falls

    We paid 250 per person for the tricycle that will take us to all 3 spots. It is advisable that you leave Cebu City around 3AM and take bus going to Bato via Barili and you will hop off the bus in Samboan.

    Special thanks to my Couchsurfing friends who organised this trip.

  • Samboan Cebu Tourist Spots Our Waterfalls Hopping Adventure

    Samboan Cebu Tourist Spots Our Waterfalls Hopping Adventure

    Whered you find the best waterfalls in Cebu? I say, go south! But where particularly? You can see the majestic Kawasan Falls in Badian. Cambais and Cancalanog Falls in the nearby town of Alegria. These two towns are the spot for Cebus famous canyoneering. But theres this one town in South Cebu that is blessed with multiple waterfalls. So, this post will be about our falls hopping adventure in Samboan, Cebu.

  • Samboan Waterfall Trilogy Binalayan Hidden Falls, Aguinid Falls And Dao Falls

    Samboan Waterfall Trilogy Binalayan Hidden Falls, Aguinid Falls And Dao Falls

    We naturally seekers of wonders, we travel far to see the majesty of old ruins, the venerable forms of the hoary mountains and great waterfalls. The town of Samboan is making a name for itself among travelers with its mystical and enchanting collections of waterfalls that lured locals and foreigners alike.

  • Six Waterfalls You Need To Visit When Youre In Samboan Cebu

    Six Waterfalls You Need To Visit When Youre In Samboan Cebu

    The tropical island of Cebu is gifted with a lot of pristine flowing rivers. And where there are rivers, there are waterfalls along the way.

    In Cebu, no other place comes close to the charming municipality of Samboan when it comes to magnificent waterfalls. These beautiful pillars of foaming, falling liquid never fail to entice locals and foreigners alike.

    Include an exciting waterfall adventure in your itinerary when you make plans to visit the quaint town of Samboan in Cebu.

    1. Calasa Falls

    The well-concealed Calasa Falls in Barangay Colase is a recently discovered natural wonder ...

  • Waterfalls Down South Part 2

    Waterfalls Down South Part 2

    If you've read my previous post about the mini trip I took with some friends to the Southern part of Cebu, you'd know how much I enjoy waterfalls. This fascination started when I did that canyoneering adventure with some of my outdoor friends way back in 2013 (at that time when it wasn't mainstream yet & you only pay around 150 pesos per person). It also helped that back when Darlene isn't such a couch potato yet, a refreshing dip into the cool waterfalls was a nice reward after a long trek.

    So anyway, after that trip South, me and my friends were so thrilled that we decided to schedule a r ...

  • Aguinid Falls Level 8 Binalayan Falls And Dau Falls

    Falls hopping at the South of Cebu. These vids are taken at Samboan. HD available. Surprise at the end.

    - Aguinid Falls
    - Binalayan Falls
    - Dao Falls