Bantayan Island

Bantayan, Cebu

Bantayan Island is an island located in the Visayan Sea, Philippines. It is situated to the west of the northern end of Cebu Island, across the Tanon Strait.

In 1981 Bantayan Island was given the status of a "Wilderness Area", although its physical extent was undefined. Eleven years later the National Integrated Protected Areas System Act of 1992 reaffirmed the protected status. Ho ...

wever it too did not specify the extent of Bantayan Island Wilderness Area (BIWA), which is therefore taken to include the whole island, more than 11,000 hectares.

The coast of Bantayan and its islands mostly alternates between mangal and palm trees. Because of the shallow slope on the shelf, the intertidal area can be quite extended, leading to rocky and muddy shallows at low tide. This means that places with a sandy shore ??" a beach ??" are infrequent.

Good beaches can be found in the southeast around Santa Fe, and in the northwest at Patao and Madridejos. Even these though are not cleaned, and depending on the currents there can be considerable amounts of flotsam and jetsam on the beach and in the sea.

Bantayan Island and Wilderness Area News

  • Environmental Lawyer Pushes For Community Gardening Road Sharing

    Environmental Lawyer Pushes For Community Gardening Road Sharing

    For a whimsically titled book, trailblazing legal luminary Antonio Oposa?s ?Shooting Stars and Dancing Fish? is grounded on realistic action plans for ordinary people to save the world? based on his decades long experience as an environmental advocate.

    ?There are two things here that can change the world if we just do it,? Oposa said of his book in an interview on Thursday with the media, after the book?s launch at the Miriam College in Quezon city. ?You just need a shift in thinking.?

    These two things, the environmental lawyer said, were community gardening and road-sharing or prioritiz ...

  • Leading Children To Mother Nature Focus Feature

    Leading Children To Mother Nature Focus Feature

    Attorney Antonio Oposa, Jr. is an old soul with the charisma of an eloquent young man. He may be in his 60s but he is still passionately in love with a woman ??" Mother Nature herself. And as an attorney, she is her biggest (yet) non-paying client; he doesn't mind though, remembering the wise words of a mentor.

    "A lawyer who defends the Earth has God for a client," Oposa quoted the late Odette Alcantara, eminent environmentalist, writer and artist. "In so many ways Odette was like every one's loving aunt, but a staunch defender of the environment."

    Oposa has been lawyering for the enviro ...

  • 75 Youth Leaders Join 2-day EcoYouth Camp In Bantayan

    75 Youth Leaders Join 2-day EcoYouth Camp In Bantayan

    The United States Government Alumni Association in Cebu held a free two-day environmental and leadership camp at the Bantayan Municipal Hall in Bantayan Island last June 10 and 11.

    EcoYouth Project, which is an initiative that merges environmental protection and youth leadership in one, brought speakers from Cebu and Cagayan de Oro to give interactive workshops to 75 young leaders from the island. The activity in Bantayan was the second leg of the project.

    The activity in Bantayan was the second leg of the project. SeaCamp/YSEALI alumni Kenny Glenn Silud and Clyde Blanco and Hannah Lois ...

  • The Quintessential Environmentalist

    The Quintessential Environmentalist

    Antonio A. Oposa Jr. is an environmentalist whose concern is for the preservation of the world for future generations to inherit. He is also a lawyer (a pioneering environmental lawyer whose client is God, someone quipped, because the birds, fishes and trees cannot pay his fee), a poet and writer, a farmer and mentor. He scuba dives, sails, sings, rides horses, cycles and tells stories.

    Born in Manila, Oposa grew up in Cebu with his grandparents Captain Canuto Oposa, a harbor pilot, and his wife, Rosario Codilla, because his parents had to rush to the United States shortly after he was born ...

  • DENR Urges LGUs Practice Responsible Tourism

    DENR Urges LGUs Practice Responsible Tourism

    The Department of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR) urged local government units (LGUs) to practice "responsible tourism" after what happened in Santa Fe town in Bantayan Island during the Holy Week.

    Dr. Alicia Lustica, head of DENR 7's Biodiversity, Coastal, Wetlands and Ecotourism Research Center (BCWERC), told reporters that it is the responsibility of the LGUs in ensuring that their tourism sites remain clean.

    Lustica reaction came after hearing that sacks of garbage were collected in Santa Fe after activities related to the Isla Music Festival 2017 were held there during the ...

  • Holy Week In Bantayan

    Holy Week In Bantayan

    In Cebu during the Holy Week, all roads ??" well, almost all roads ??" lead to Bantayan. The name Bantayan refers to the island, where Bantayan town is located. That's the only Bantayan in Cebu; the northern town in the province's mainland is not Bantayan ??" but Daanbantayan.

    From Cebu City, it takes about two hours and a half bus ride north to Hagnaya Port, where to take a boat to Bantayan. The bus fare is P100 pesos per person and the boat fare P175 on regular days; these could go up a little more during the Holy Week, owing to the great number of visitors headed for Bantayan. Getting a ...