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  • Mount Mauyog A Memorable Trek Despite The Misses And Setbacks

    The internet, in spite of its groundbreaking solutions, sometimes just doesn't have the right answers to some of our questions. Although there's a wealth of tips and advice online, there are times when the tips and run-downs shared to us are a little outdated and puzzling. Even when you are searching info on sought-after spots, you'll find dissimilar answers and vague explanations. Just recently, I learned this lesson the hard way, in the midst of our trek to one of Cebu's most beloved peaks – Mount Mauyog.

    Don't get me wrong – there are a lot of bloggers who have made incredible write- ...

  • A Lifetime Of Outdoor Pleasures In Balamban

    At the heart of the pearl of the Orient seas lies the island of Cebu, the Queen City of the South. Known for its white sand beaches and rich heritage and culture, it is no wonder Cebu landed fifth on Condé Nast's Best Islands in the World.

    Aside from its beaches however, other treasures of Cebu are waiting to be discovered in the vast highlands of the island, where mountains, gently sloping hills and rivers serve as gateways to various eco adventures. One such nearby town to escape the city from is the Municipality of Balamban.

    This once sleepy community is only an hour and a half from ...

  • Honor Keeps This Farming Family Going

    Located 64 kilometers west of Cebu City, the town of Balamban is largely known as the shipbuilding capital of the Philippines.

    But within its rugged mountain terrain and threatened forest cover lies a landmark about a painful episode in Philippine history.

    In Mount Mununggal, within a village called Sunog (also known as Magsaysay), a monument marks the place where the Douglas C-47 aircraft carrying president Ramon Magsaysay and 24 other passengers crashed in 1957.

    The area is still home to farming families who rely on their harvests for a living.

    One of them is the Noya-Nacua famil ...

  • Exploring The Mountains Beyond Mount Manunggal The Hidden Utopia

    Mount Manunggal is a historical mountain situated in Baranggay Magsaysay (formerly Sunog) in Balamban Cebu. Mount Manunggal stands at an elevation of 1,003 meters above sea level and is within the enclave of the Central Cebu National Park. The mountain is protected by the Republic Act 8457, otherwise known as the "Central Cebu Protected Landscape Act".

    The mountain is the crash site of the presidential plane Mt Pinatubo which killed the President of the Philippines Pres. Ramon Magsaysay and 24 others on March 1957.

    Mount Manunggal is accessible through a quite number of trails but the ma ...

  • Aboitiz Group Plants More Than 76T Seedlings

    More than 76,000 native tree and fruit-bearing trees were planted recently by more than 2,600 team members and partners of the Aboitiz group in 21 areas in Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao.

    The simultaneous activity is part of the Aboitiz group's annual tree planting program, under its commitment to create a better world.

    In Cebu, volunteers from Aboitiz subsidiaries East Asia Utilities Corp., Cebu Private Power Corp. and the Visayan Electric Company planted native tree seedlings in Cansomoroy, Balamban town within the Central Cebu Protected Landscape.

    Therma Visayas, Inc. planted bamboo a ...

  • How To Get To Mt Manunggal And The Monolith Balamban Cebu The Philippines

    Wanna go camping, trekking, or just plain nature tripping that is not so far from Cebu City?

    Check out Mt. Manunggal and The Monolith.

    Most of us have different work/schedules/loads and can't afford to get away from them for days, however, if you want to just get a quick breather, the place is worth to consider.

    With just an hour away from the City, you can already do a day hike an overnight camp that's guaranteed with great views and adventure. On top of it, consider the possibility of meeting new people with the same interest for the outdoors not to mention that it's FREE. - Well, e ...