Bakhaw Beach

San Francisco, Cebu

Bakhaw Beach is located in brgy Esperanza on Pacijan Island, San Francisco, Cebu. Its sugary sand and clear waters make it safe for children.

Bakhaw Beach News

  • Camotes Island Travel Guide, Things To Do In Camotes

    Camotes Island Travel Guide, Things To Do In Camotes

    Camotes Island is a less known island destination in northern CeThese past few months, I was alienated from mountains because of stupefying vertigo attack a migraine aftermath, I hope, and not something life-threatening such as brain cancer or tumor. Vertigo made me incoherent or to put it bluntly?plain stupid. But the body and the mind longed for the beauty of restlessness, and beachineering and townhopping temporarily substituted for the mountains.

  • Travel Guide In Camotes Island Cebu Philippines

    Travel Guide In Camotes Island Cebu Philippines

    "'Camote', replied the island ancestors when asked by the Spaniards about the name of the place. The natives were harvesting sweet potatoes (camote) then and thought that the Spaniards were asking what they were digging. That's how the group of islands got its name according to local folklore".

    Tagged as the lost horizon of the south because of its unspoiled beauty, Camotes is a group of islands composed of four major islands (and four towns) namely Pacija (San Francisco), Ponson (Pilar), Poro (Poro and Tudela), and Tulang. It is geographically located between the Cebu mainland and Leyte. I ...

  • Majestic Camotes Island A Hideaway Haven

    Majestic Camotes Island A Hideaway Haven

    Traveling is indeed fun but what can make it amazing is the copious and evocative resources of a specific place enough to provide an ineradicable experience. Way back our time from Spaniards, the name of the island was derived from one of it's local products which is the "Camote" and was called "Camotes Island" since then. The island group is composed of four towns namely Poro, Tudela, Pilar, and San Francisco.

    It's geographically located east of Cebu Island. It's conceivably a haven for some locals and tourists due to its natural god-given spots as well as a number of hotels and resorts in ...

  • Camotes Islands The Majestic Pride Of Eastern Cebu

    Camotes Islands The Majestic Pride Of Eastern Cebu

    Mother nature never fails to amaze me she has her natural way of stunning people in awe and amazement. Our world is spontaneously carved by her charm and unquestionable beauty.

    An example of those wonders are the islands of Camotes. Located in the eastern part of Cebu, Philippines. Sometimes known as the "Lost Horizon of the South". Legend says that it was named "Camotes" when the Spaniards asked the locals what are the name of the islands, but instead of telling its names the natives replied camotes (sweet potatoes) because they thought that the spanish was asking what they were digging. A ...

  • Best Things To Do In The Philippines Part 1 Camotes Island

    Philippines part 1: Camotes Island

    This is the video of my journey to the Philippines. As you may already know, The Philippines consists of many islands and the first one that I have visited was Camotes Island. The Island was small, and not crowded at all. Local people were extremely nice, probably the nicest people I have met during my journey. I have stayed there for about three days, and even so, I have managed to have a lot of fun. For me to get there I had to take a bus from Cebu city to Danao Port and take a ferry from there to Camotes island. It took me about 2.5 hours to get to th ...

  • Camotes beautiful sights around Pacijan Island

    Camotes beautiful sights around Pacijan Island

    Although Camotes is made up three islands: Pacijan, Poro, and Ponson, much of the attractions in Camotes seemed to be concentrated in Pacijan. The beach resorts are found mostly on the western side of the island. The town of San Francisco (the only town in Pacijan Island) looked like the most progressive of the towns in Camotes as well.

    From our "base" in Santiago White Beach, my friends and I set out to explore Pacijan one fine day. A good way to go around the island is to rent a "multicab" or a van (this can be expensive) as public transportation is scarce and virtually non existent in so ...