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  • 6 6 Million Visitors

    Property consultancy firm Colliers International Philippines remains optimistic of the country's tourism growth this year.

    It cited the continued investment of developers on hotel rooms, influx of foreign arrivals and spillover impact of big-ticket meetings, incentives, conventions and exhibitions among the factors that will sustain growth.

    In a statement released yesterday, Colliers International Philippines sees at least 6.6 million foreign tourists visiting the Philippines this year, or 10 percent higher from 5.97 million recorded in 2016.

    The forecast, however, is lower than the D ...

  • Revisiting Kawasan Falls Canyoneering In Badian

    Canyoneering (also referred to as Canyoning) is an outdoor activity that involves hiking, walking, climbing, jumping, rappelling and swimming between canyons in order to descend from a significant height, such as waterfalls. This activity makes the Kawasan Falls a famous destination in Cebu, offering a great adrenaline-filled experience for tourists and thrill seekers.

    Kawasan Falls lies between the borders of Alegria and Badian. It is a three-level waterfall system that boasts a bright turquoise water coming down from the mountain springs of Alegria.

    February 25, 2017 – There are nume ...

  • Kawasan Falls Cebu Cliff Jumping And Canyoneering Ocean Diving The Best Day

    Cliff jumping & Canyoneering Best day ever! - Best Day Ever canyoneering through the Badian Falls. Kawasan Falls is a must see if you will go in Cebu Philippines. The water is as blue as in the video and pictures. Cebu has so many amazing things to see and this was one of the top things we on trip with my friends friends from Davao City. Experience also the Beautiful and colorful fish in Cebu City.

  • Experience The Banig Festival Of Badian

    The banig is a handwoven mat used mainly for sleeping. While buri or palm leaves are used in making the banig, it can also be made of pandanus or sea grass leaves. The material used depends on which part of the country it is made. This humble product, which is normally seen in the rural areas, takes the center stage in an annual festival in the southwestern town of Badian.

    Banig Festival

    The Banig Festival of Badian showcases the culture and traditions of the residents of the town. In addition, it also highlights the products offered by the town, including the humble banig. Majority of t ...

  • Canyoneering To Kawasan Falls Cebu

    Kawasan Falls is one of the best waterfalls in the Philippines, and also one of the most popular. We chose to cliff jump our way to the falls for the ultimate adrenaline fuelled adventure!
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    Our Essential Equipment:
    GoPro Hero 4 Silver
    Huawei P8 (Photography)
    Phantom 3 Standard (Drone)
    Gear Bag (Drone/Camera/Accessories)

    Extra Gear:
    External 2TB Har ...

  • The Philippines Canyoneering Kawasan Falls Cebu

    The Philippines Canyoneering Kawasan Falls, Cebu.

    This was one of the BEST DAYS we had on our trip to The Philippines!!!! The water in the Canyon is such a beautiful blue colour and the landscape is so rugged with these massive rock walls. We got to do a bunch of cliff jumping and diving from the high natural rock ledges. The two waterfalls here are so spectacular.

    We met some amazing people on our adventure and would recommend the canyoneering as a must do to anyone who is heading to the Philippines! I highly recommend it!

    I actually dragged my Sony A7rii down the river in a dry ba ...