Arbor Fish Sanctuary

Boljoon, Cebu

Arbor Marine Fish Sanctuary is located in Arbor, Boljoon, Cebu and has a size of 9 hectares.

Arbor Marine Fish Sanctuary News

  • The Heritage Frontier Of The South

    The Heritage Frontier Of The South

    At 103 kilometers south if Cebu City, Boljoon is a gem among Cebu's string of bucolic southern towns. While the rich historic landscape comes to life as early as Carcar, it gets even better by the time you reach Boljoon. Expect to drive past winding roads that carefully trace Boljoon's lush mountainface and be prepared as the canopy of leaves fall slowly back to unveil a charming little town beside the sea steeped in heritage and culture. A drive to Boljoon isn't just a scenic roadtrip to Cebu's southern heritage sights. It is a notalgic drive back to Boljoon's past.

    Established in ...

  • Discovery Diving At Boljoon With Instructor Stuart Gould

    Boljoon Cebu, Philippines.

  • The Adventurer Guide To Boljoon Cebu

    The Adventurer Guide To Boljoon Cebu

    Note: The Adventurer's Guide is a new feature in this blog. This travel guide series aims to give you quality and relevant travel information and tips regarding the featured destination.

    The first travel destinations that will be featured are the towns in Southern Cebu. It's because just recently I backpacked around Southern Cebu in 2 days- the cheapest way possible. I also calculated all travel expenses while exploring the southern part of Cebu.

    The Destination: Boljoon, Cebu
    Boljoon (pronounced as Bol-ho-on) is a municipality in the southeastern part of the province of Cebu. It is abo ...

  • Boljoon Ends Protect Sea Life Campaign

    The municipality of Boljoon in southern Cebu recently culminated the Pride Campaign that it has been implementing for the last two years.

    Various sectors in the community composed of students, pedicab drivers, local government officials, fishermen, peoples organizations celebrated with a mural painting, fluvial parade and pedicab parade.

    Some 100 pedicabs were outfitted with campaign messages on tarps and umbrellas to spread the marine fisheries enforcement to the community.

    Forty boats were also installed with awnings, while 50 habal-habal and tricycle drivers were given vehicle stic ...

  • Pride In Sanctuaries

    Over the past weeks, diving folk in Dumaguete became excited over the prospects of frolicking with whale sharks in the waters off Oslob near the southern tip of Cebu island. Many other enthusiasts, from Cebu City as well as foreign tourists, have inundated the Net with photo albums featuring the butandings, quickly turning Oslob into an alluring destination much like Donsol in Sorsogon. A feature story with photos even made it to London's Daily Mail, raising international interest in the extraordinary attraction.

    Our friend Lory Tan of the World Wildlife Fund has questioned some features of ...

  • Fishers Finish The Renovations On Arbor Marine Sanctuary Guardhouse

    Fishers Finish The Renovations On Arbor Marine Sanctuary Guardhouse

    The end of 2011 marked many great endings, and for the fishermen in Barangay Arbor, it was the completion of the renovations of the Arbor Marine Sanctuary guardhouse. The best thing about the whole thing was that all the renovations were done by a team of fishermen from Barangay Arbor who are also very nifty carpenters. The materials were paid for by the Coastal Conservation and Education Foundation (CCEF), and the labor was paid for by the local government of the Municipality of Boljoon.

    I guess in most sites, whether campaign-based or not, building a guardhouse can be quite a challenging ...