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  • Cavite Picnic Grove Tagaytay

    Cavite Picnic Grove Tagaytay

    Probably the most visited recreational place in Tagaytay City, the 13.5-hectare Picnic Grove is a fixture in the area since time immemorial. It's easily accessible via jeepneys from the Olivarez terminal; a quick eleven peso-ride and you're there.

    There are loads of activities at the Picnic Grove that would suit all sorts of folks. There's the relatively new zipline that soars 300 feet above ground for the daredevils, horseback riding for those looking for something countryish, the eco trail for walking enthusiasts, souvenir stores for the shoppingeras, and of course the picnic spots for th ...

  • Picnic Grove In Tagaytay City A Memorable Trip

    Picnic Grove In Tagaytay City A Memorable Trip

    Picnic Grove in Tagaytay City is considered as one of the most visited tourist destinations in the Philippines. Tagaytay City is no doubt a place of sojourn for everyone. Because of its renowned picturesque beauty comprising of mountain ranges, cold climate added with the breathtaking panorama of the famous Taal Volcano and Taal Lake ??" both located in the province of Batangas. Undeniably, Tagaytay is also in the top list of those newly-wed couples for their honeymoon. Tourists from different places either local or abroad can be seen in the area especially during the month of November to Febr ...

  • The Cold Summer Breeze

    The Cold Summer Breeze

    Just when you wanted to go for an overnight getaway, pick a place that is near your area and a better view to relax. If I could recall, it was a Wednesday afternoon and it was planned by me and a childhood friend to go to Tagaytay after her shift from work, and it was my first time travelling to tagaytay without any idea where to go. Although i do remember planning to go there just for sky ranch, but we didn't had the chance.

    When we arrived after 2 hours, we had dinner at KFC first, and after we decided to get a place to stay just for the night, just for us to have a nap, it's easy to find ...

  • Paradizoo Two Destinations In One

    On this week's travels, Balitang America and Mango Tours take you to a must-visit destination in Tagaytay - Paradizoo. It is a combination of paradise and zoo - a place for healthy living, learning and relaxation where families and friends can unwind and enjoy the relaxing country life. At the 10-hectare theme farm, guests can feed and pet different farm animals, ride miniature horses, visit the butterfly sanctuary, learn how to milk a goat and how to shear a sheep. Also, buy organically grown products, enjoy a delicious snack and try the relaxing fish spa at Paradizoo.

    Take a short drive t ...

  • Our Awesome Trip To Paradizoo In Mendez Cavite

    Our Awesome Trip To Paradizoo In Mendez Cavite

    Visiting Paradizoo in Mendez Cavite is one of the things that we loved about our trip to Tagaytay last weekend. We checked out early from Taal Vista Hotel to be able to visit this place early and we were glad that we did. Paradizoo is 20-30 minutes away from Taal Vista.

    Paradizoo is a nice place to visit if you like to enjoy nature and have a quality time with your family. The place has a lot of vegetables, flowers and farm animals (some are even roaming freely).

    We were quite early so there were just a few people inside when we arrived. But after a few minutes, some students who were ...

  • Farming And Tourism A Profitable Match

    Farming And Tourism A Profitable Match

    Farming is a "good business" and so is operating a tourist attraction. But how about combining the two?

    In this city, there are many known farm spots ??" one of them is the Paradizoo, which was one of the successful farm tourism destinations featured during the three-day 4th Farm Tourism Conference, recently.

    "We have two million visitors, almost one-third of the country's visitor," said Paradizoo owner Robert Yupangco in an interview.

    During the last day of the conference, the over 350 delegates, as well as the members of the press, were given a tour of the Paradizoo farm, which show ...