South Beach Corregidor Is

Cavite City, Cavite

South Beach is located on Corregidor Island, in Cavite City, Cavite. It is a small sandy cove where people can swim and laze on. The smooth rocks of various sizes litter the coast at this part of South beach which stretches to the tip of the cliff.

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  • Bloggers Tour At Corregidor

    Bloggers Tour At Corregidor

    I've been wanting to visit Corregidor for a long time because I knew it's just a few hours away from Manila by sea. And thanks to TIEZA for inviting us bloggers to tour around this historic place. I and my fellow bloggers met at the Mall of Asia Seaside Ferry Terminal of the Sun Cruise at 7 am, the cruise will depart from Manila at exactly 8 in the morning and about 1 1/2 hour travel by sea.

    Tram Buses are waiting at the port to tour around us, we are designated at the Bus Number 5. We had so much fun during our day tour in Corregidor. Thanks to our tour guide Kuya Armando for his humor an ...

  • Once a Battlefield

    Once a Battlefield

    A 1-hour ferry ride from Manila bay to the southwestern part of Luzon, takes you back to the days when the Philippines has been fighting for freedom and emancipation. Visiting Isla ng Corregidor evokes nostalgia of the Second World War, where looking at the dilapidated barracks and traces of artillery gives you an instant pass to reconnect with your history.

    Corregidor Island, also known as "The Rock" for its rocky landscape and heavy fortifications, fall under the jurisdiction of Cavite City. The tadpole-shaped island is divided into four sections: topside, middleside, bottomside and tails ...

  • Travel Guide to Corregidor

    Travel Guide to Corregidor

    Corregidor is one of the most important historic and tourist sites in the Philippines. This island located at the entrance of Manila Bay in the southwestern part of Luzon played an important role during the invasion and liberation of the Philippines from Japanese forces during World War II. Because of its historic value and close proximity to Metro Manila, visiting Corregidor is a good option for foreign or local tourists who want to go on a day trip or stay overnight.


    The island of Corregidor lies 48 kilometers from Manila at the entrance of Manila Bay. Corr ...

  • Stone Balancing At a Scenic Beach In Corregidor

    Stone Balancing At a Scenic Beach In Corregidor

    Corregidor Island is ringed not with fine white sand but its typical coastline and beaches are stony, pebbly or just dark sand. Two areas, South Beach and Resort Beach are scenic strips that offer both swimming opportunities and with the presence of smooth, almost flat, round stones of various sizes and colors makes stone balancing a fun activity possible.

    It's not really difficult to indulge in this activity. Just look for different sizes of rocks ranging from a size big enough for you to comfortably carry to a specific area and succeeding sizes smaller than the other. Choosing differentl ...

  • Thrilling Escape To Corregidor Island

    Thrilling Escape To Corregidor Island

    For the first time ever, I agreed to spend the night in Corregidor. I have been coming to this historical island for a number of times, but only to join the day trip tour. Craving for excitement and new adventure, I decided to go for the overnight stay. I made the right decision and had an unforgettable stay.

    Many documents and articles about the history of Corregidor has already been published, so I think I will skip the bulk of that. The island has seen a lot of action, heroism and death during World War 2, involving the Americans, Japanese and Filipinos. The island is known worldwide ...

  • Corregidor Beach

    Beautiful Beach in Corregidor.