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  • Tinapa Festival Rosario Cavite

    Tinapa Festival Rosario Cavite

    Its sort of mouthwatering to write about tinapa in the morning. I kind of like the smell of the smoked fish, but I have to admit that I don't really eat it. My husband, however, likes it with lots of rice from time to time. Many Filipinos like tinapa for breakfast. In fact, some of them eat it for any other meal. Anyway, they should be happy to know that "Tinapang Salinas" will be the focus of the upcoming Tinapa Festival in Rosario, Cavite.

    Apparently, Rosario is the origin of this particular type of smoked fish. This coming October 22, 2012, Rosario and the Parish of the Most Holy Rosary ...

  • Tinapang Salinas a Proud Product Of Cavite

    Tinapang Salinas a Proud Product Of Cavite

    Rosario Cavite's world renownedTinapang Salinas" (smoked fish) has brought stable jobs and income resource for the locals of cavite.

    Pandawan fish port, the long time fish port of Cavite, has witnessed bountiful amounts of the aforementioned fish and also afforded the locals simple yet very productive livelihood.

    True enough, a festival that honors and promotes the product aptly named "Tinapa Festival" is held every month of October.

    The said festival highlights the Town of Rosario's being the foremost producer of agricultural products specifically smoked fish in the Philippines.

  • Rosario Cavite Celebrates 8th Tinapang Salinas Festival Unang Hirit

    Every October, Rosario, Cavite celebrates the Tinapang Salinas Festival to showcase tinapa, their main source of livelihood. Unang Hirit joined the festivities.

    Aired: October 10, 2014

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