Regada Water Festival

Cavite City, Cavite

Regada Festival also called the "Water Festival", the festival consists of games, street dancing, photo exhibit, trade fair, concert and water splashing. The festival is done three days from June 22??"24 done in celebration of St. John the Baptist.

Regada Water Festival News

  • Regada Water Festival Set June 24 In Cavite City

    All roads lead to historic Cavite City for the annual staging of 'Mardi Gras' Regada Water Festival on June 24, 2017 on P. Burgos Avenue and Salamanca Road in city proper.

    Thousands of local and foreign tourists are expected to join the 22nd Water Festival with water sprinklers and fire truck installed along the streets.

    The water festival, which coincides with feast day of Saint John the Baptist or San Juan Bautista, is celebrated every June 24 of the year all over the country.

    The festivities, with full of culture and old-time fun and led by Mayor Totie Paredes, Vice Mayor Denver Re ...

  • 7 Things You Should Know About Regada Water Festival

    7 Things You Should Know About Regada Water Festival

    For the people of Cavite City, June is not just the month when classes are being resumed but also the month when one of the city's highly anticipated festivals is being celebrated ~ The Regada! Regada Water Festival is one of the most colorful , wildest and possibly the "wettest" festivals in the province of Cavite and here are ten things you might want to know about it!

  • In Cavite Water Festival Offers Biggest Wet Party

    In Cavite Water Festival Offers Biggest Wet Party

    Hundreds of residents lined up along major streets in the province particularly in Cavite City and in the towns Noveleta, Naic, Kawit, Rosario and General Trias for the annual celebration of the Regada Festival last June 24.

    Regada is a water festival held primarily in Cavite City from June 20 to 24 of every year. It is derived from Spanish word "regar" from the Chavacano speaking CaviteƱos wich means "to sprinkle" or "to douse with water."

    In Cavite City, the event was highlighted by the "paulan" where the business district along the main city road was rigged with sprinklers converting ...

  • Regada Water Festival 2015

    Regada Water Festival 2015

    It was Wet and Wild yesterday in Regada Water Festival. It is definitely bigger and better than last year but unfortunately I wasn't able to witness the colorful parade but I was lucky enough to see the sprinklers in action. Regada Water Festival is an annual celebration held every June 18 to 24. The Basayawan was the highlight of the event which is celebrated on the 24th in celebration of The Feast of Saint John The Baptist. Compare to other water festivals in the country like the famous Watta Watta Festival in San Juan, Batanggas The Regada is relatively new and this year was it's 20th annua ...

  • Join the Wet n Wild Regada Water Festival in Cavite

    Join the Wet n Wild Regada Water Festival in Cavite

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  • Regada Festival of Cavite City

    Regada Festival of Cavite City

    Every June 24, almost every town and cities here in the Philippines celebrate the feast of the Saint John the Baptist. This feast is associated with water festivities such as "caracoles" or fluvial parade; with that, expect people to get wet, or even wetter, during the entire celebration. In some towns such as in Lian, Batangas, they celebrate June 24 with a different highlight - the Parada ng Lechon or lechon parade, where in roasted pigs are dressed up and paraded all over town before they reach dinner tables of every household for everyone to partake in.

    In my hometown, Cavite City, ye ...