Paradizoo Theme Farm

Mendez, Cavite

Paradizoo Theme Farm is located in the Municipality of Mendez, Tagaytay City, Cavite. Paradizoo, a theme park that suits you're longing for a peaceful and yet exciting sanctuary, offers a combination of Paradise and Zoo that is uniquely relaxing and entertaining. It is a destination for pleasure, learning and healthy living.

Paradizoo Theme Farm News

  • Paradizoo Supported The 4th Farm Tourism Conference

    Paradizoo Supported The 4th Farm Tourism Conference

    Paradizoo, a 12-hectare theme park that offers a zoo and paradise that is located in Mendez, Cavite, supported the 4th Farm Tourism Conference held last July 14-16, 2016. The latter aims to educate and increase awareness regarding the possibility of combining tourism and agriculture and generating income through it.

    500 delegates from tourism, agriculture and investment sector attended the event and explored one of the successful farm tourism spot in the country- Paradizoo.

    The delegates were able to see first hand the best practices of Paradizoo in agriculture. Paradizoo uses hydropon ...

  • Paradise In Paradizoo

    Paradise In Paradizoo

    It's been a dream of mine to visit a farm with lots of animals roaming around, vegetables growing on a hill, fruit bearing trees lined up to give shade and offer freshly picked fruits and a garden where you can smell the sweet fragrance of the flowers. It was just a dream until I went to PARADIZOO.

    Paradizoo is a combination of paradise and zoo- PARADI (paradise) ZOO (zoo). It is a 12-hectare farm located in Mendez, Cavite that composed of vegetable farm, flower garden, animal stations, orchidarium and ecclectic garden and bee farm. This is the best place where you can relax, have some qu ...

  • Farming And Tourism A Profitable Match

    Farming And Tourism A Profitable Match

    Farming is a "good business" and so is operating a tourist attraction. But how about combining the two?

    In this city, there are many known farm spots ??" one of them is the Paradizoo, which was one of the successful farm tourism destinations featured during the three-day 4th Farm Tourism Conference, recently.

    "We have two million visitors, almost one-third of the country's visitor," said Paradizoo owner Robert Yupangco in an interview.

    During the last day of the conference, the over 350 delegates, as well as the members of the press, were given a tour of the Paradizoo farm, which show ...

  • Paradise Zoo Paradizoo

    Paradise Zoo Paradizoo

    Opportunity is the key! We always wait for the day that our rest days will match so that we can able to have our long "WE TIME"…

    My son really loves animals, we also love nature so this time we explore the Paradise and Zoo in one ??" PARADIZOO; a Theme Farm located at Mendez, Cavite just few minutes from Tagaytay City.

    Lots of attraction can be enjoy inside the farm such as close interaction with different kinds of animals, horseback and camel riding, animal feeding (which cost 60Php for a bundle of feeds), Zip Line, Fish Spa (but under renovation during our visit), learning the honey ...

  • Our Awesome Trip To Paradizoo In Mendez Cavite

    Our Awesome Trip To Paradizoo In Mendez Cavite

    Visiting Paradizoo in Mendez Cavite is one of the things that we loved about our trip to Tagaytay last weekend. We checked out early from Taal Vista Hotel to be able to visit this place early and we were glad that we did. Paradizoo is 20-30 minutes away from Taal Vista.

    Paradizoo is a nice place to visit if you like to enjoy nature and have a quality time with your family. The place has a lot of vegetables, flowers and farm animals (some are even roaming freely).

    We were quite early so there were just a few people inside when we arrived. But after a few minutes, some students who were ...

  • A Visit In Paradizoo Theme Farm-Holiday Tripcation In Tagaytay Part 2

    A Visit In Paradizoo Theme Farm-Holiday Tripcation In Tagaytay Part 2

    December 21, 2013 ??" For our 1st tripcation mania, we visited the Paradizoo Theme Farm first here in Mendez, Cavite. I heard of this farm before and many people that I know already went here with their family and kids, for the info that I gathered, I learned that this farm is also a mini zoo and garden. Kids can interact with the farm animals up close and personal, they can play with them, ride on them and also feed them. There's a tour guide in every farm cluster at Paradizoo, they know everything about the animal and also they teach parents and kids on how to feed them and how we benefit fr ...