Mount Pico de Loro

Ternate, Cavite

With a height of 664 meters above sea level, Mt. Pico de Loro is one of the most visited mountains in Cavite both by expert mountaineers and beginners alike. It is quite a challenging climb and has lush forests surrounding it.

Mt. Pico de Loro is is located in Mounts Palay-Palay??"Mataas-na-Gulod Protected Landscape. It is a national park and game refuge and bird sanctuary coverin ...

g an initial area of 4,000 hectares. The park is the last remaining lowland rainforest in the province of Cavite and is well-known for Mount Pico de Loro, a popular destination for mountaineers and hikers from Metro Manila.

Mount Pico de Loro or Parrots Beak News

  • Mt Pico De Loro

    Mt Pico De Loro

    Mt. Pico De Loro is one of the first mountains I climb back in the days. Can't believe I am just posting this now and honestly I have a lot of backlogs and this one included. Anyway, pretty much forgot all about this mountain esp the rates and it might change already. But as per writing I know that the mountain is still closed for any hikers/visitors.

  • Pico De Loro Clim Guide, Tarnate Cavite

    Pico De Loro Clim Guide, Tarnate Cavite

    Mt. Palay-Palay (wrongly called as Mt. Pico de Loro) is, without a doubt, one of the most popular hiking destinations near Metro Manila. It is one of the best places to see scenic views of vast waters and rugged mountains. Mt. Palay-Palay is a favorite hiking place among seasoned mountaineers and also a must-climb for beginners hoping to have a brag-worthy photo taken from the monolith, the Pico de Loro itself.

  • Kaynipa Cove Awaits To Be Discovered

    Kaynipa Cove Awaits To Be Discovered

    Caylabne, Puerto Azul and Boracay de Cavite. These are just some of the beautiful beaches that can be found in the town of Ternate. But yet, there is one small cove that is just waiting to be discovered: the Kaynipa Cove. Among its features are its breathtaking view, fine white sands and gentle waves. But what sets this beach apart from the other beaches is its affordability as well as its (currently) being secluded.

    The beach is actually not part of our itinerary, because we originally intend to go to El Fraile (Fort Drum). But the unrelenting weather did not allow us to go and reach the h ...

  • Reflections From Climbing Pico De Loro

    Reflections From Climbing Pico De Loro

    I fell in love with mountains ever since I climbed Osmena Peak three years ago. Since then, I've been dreaming non-stop to climb the majestic mountains of the Philippines. One of them is Mt. Palay Palay or more commonly known as Pico de Loro.

    It was our last destination during our week-long trip to Luzon with friends. We were almost not able to climb it because of the long and uncomfortable bus rides we had to go through before we reached Cavite. The cut off time was 11:45 AM, and we arrived at 11:43!

    I was physically and mentally tired when we arrived, and a part of me almost did not wa ...

  • Mount Pico De Loro Climb In Cavite

    Mount Pico De Loro Climb In Cavite

    Mt. Pico de Loro, also known as Mt. Palay-Palay, is a dormant volcano in Cavite province on the island of Luzon, Philippines. The mountain is one of the ancient volcanic features of Bataan Arc.

    I've heard different stories mountaineers who have found their inner peace on top of the mountains. Some even mended their broken, fragile hearts.

    But for me, climbing mountains is really personal. It has given me realizations that I am now carrying with me as I move forward with my life. This made me stronger, braver, more patient and made me closer to nature.

    Mt. Pico de Loro was my 4th climb ...

  • Mount Pico De Loro Review

    Mount Pico De Loro Review

    Mount Pico De Loro is located Maragondon, Cavite and Nasugbu, Batangas with a 664 MASL.

    1. This mountain is more like a park to me than a mountain. There are nice ponds and rivers at the start of the trek.

    2. The trail is wide and clear you don't have to worry about trees and branches hitting you.

    3. There are lots of resting areas along the trail.

    4. The camp site got stores where you can eat rice and noodles too.

    5. There are ample amount of tables and benches for large groups.

    6. I like the vast space at the campsite where you can rest and enjoy the view if there is a cle ...