Mount Palay Palay Mataas

Ternate, Cavite

Formerly known as Mts. Palay-Palay/Mataas na Gulod National Park, the site was reclassified under the NIPAS category of Protected Landscape under Presidential Proclamation 1315 on July 27, 2007.

The Mounts Palay-Palay??"Mataas-na-Gulod Protected Landscape is a 3,973.13-hectare protected area encompassing the Palay-Palay Mountain Range in southwestern Luzon island near Manila in the ...

Philippines. It was originally established on 26 October 1976 as a national park and game refuge and bird sanctuary covering an initial area of 4,000 hectares.

The park is the last remaining lowland rainforest in the province of Cavite and is well-known for Mount Pico de Loro, a popular destination for mountaineers and hikers from Metro Manila.

The Palay-Palay protected landscape area consists of two extinct volcanoes, namely Mount Palay-Palay at 648 metres high and Mount Mataas-na-Gulod, 622 metres high. Mount Palay-Palay, located in the park's northern portion, covers sixty percent of the protected area. A major attraction in the park is Mount Pico de Loro at the southern portion which was named for the towering formation at its summit which resembles a parrot's beak.

It is also the highest mountain in Cavite at 664 metres where hikers are rewarded with scenic views of the Manila Bay and its islands and South China Sea, as well as the coves and beaches of Nasugbu including Mounts Batulao and Talimitan. Other notable peaks in the mountain range include Mount Marami, Mount Buntis and Mount Nagpatong where the Filipino revolutionary Andres Bonifacio was executed in 1897.

The protected landscape is an important bird area having been initially proclaimed a game refuge and bird sanctuary. It is home to a diverse bird species such as the Philippine eagle-owl, Philippine falconet, Philippine hawk-cuckoo, Philippine drongo-cuckoo, Philippine hawk-owl, ashy thrush, brahminy kite, crested serpent eagle, Philippine fairy-bluebird, Philippine trogon, black-chinned fruit dove, island swiftlet, Philippine bulbul, Pacific swallow, Luzon hornbill and Philippine pygmy woodpecker.

Mount Palay Palay Mataas na Gulod Protected Landscape News

  • There Fewer

    There Fewer

    The last time we went to Mt. Palay-palay was in September of 2016. Back then I already bemoaned the fact that we saw only a few birds. (My blog about that).

  • Mt Palay-Palay Climb In Ternate Cavite

    Mt Palay-Palay Climb In Ternate Cavite

    Maragondon, Cavite and Nasugbu, Batangas
    Major jump-off: DENR Station, Magnetic Hill, Ternate, Cavite
    Minor jump-off: Sitio Fronda, Brgy. Papaya, Ternate-Nasugbu Highway, Nasugbu, Batangas
    LLA: 14° 12.855 N; 120° 38.785 E; 664 MASL
    Days required / Hours to summit: 1-2 days / 2-5 hours
    Specs: Minor climb, Difficulty 3/9, Trail class 1-3
    Features: Distinctive spire at the summit, forests, scenic views of Cavite
    (Credits to Pinoy Mountaineer)

    Mt. Palay-Palay or much known as Pico de Loro is located at Ternate, Cavite which is easily accessible by bus from Manila. It is one of the most ...

  • The Road Less Birded

    The Road Less Birded

    It had been quite a while since I last saw postings of bird pictures taken from Mt. Palay-palay. That seemed strange because this place is one of the birding spots close to MetroManila. Perhaps these days birders were being drawn to the "more productive" sites such as Subic, IRRI, and recently, Bangkong Kahoy Valley.

    When friends Peter and Wenxing suggested that we try Mt. Palay-palay on Saturday, I hastily agreed. This is basically roadside birding stretching from Ternate going up to the Caylabne Resort. We've had good experiences here before so we hoped that we would be seeing multitudes ...

  • Connect With Nature Five Nature Attractions In Cavite

    Connect With Nature Five Nature Attractions In Cavite

    Summer's rolled in, and to breathe through the heat, we turn to nature. One of the nearest provinces you could go to ??" and perhaps even reside in, with its many house and lots ??" to get this much-needed fresh air is Cavite.

    Cavite is a province well-known for all its historical background, as well as its reasonably priced entertainment locations. Much of its green land is devoted to golf courses, but in it, there are some great nature attractions. Here are a handful of them:

    1. Palsahingin Falls
    Standing fifty feet tall, this is a waterfall gushing above four caves with glistening st ...

  • Mt Palay-Palay Pico De Loro Revenge Climb

    Mount Palay-Palay (Pico De Loro) Revenge Climb in Ternate, Cavite.

  • It Was The Day After Christmas

    It Was The Day After Christmas

    Twas the day after Christmas. Despite not getting enough sleep, we agreed to go birding with our friend Peter. It was a beautiful morning as we began the trip to Mt. Palay-palay in Cavite. Things seemed to augur well because right off the bat we saw a pair of very cooperative Blue-tailed Bee-eaters.

    That was the start of what I would call a B day of photography. The good shots we had were of birds whose names start with the letter B. Note the term "good shots". We did see other birds that did not have a "B" in the beginning of their names but the photos we got of these were not that great. ...