Corregidor Island Lighthouse

Cavite City, Cavite

The first Corregidor Island Lighthouse was a historic lighthouse located on the island of Corregidor, in the province of Cavite, Philippines. The light station was one of the most important lights in the archipelago. It was established in 1853 to guide ships to the entrance of Manila Bay on their way to the port of Manila, the most important trading center in the country. This light occupies the c ...

onverging point of two lines of approach for vessels from the China Sea which steer for the entrance of the Manila Bay. Vessels from Hong Kong and the ports of China to the northwest first sight the Capones Island light off the southwest coast of Zambales. Vessels from ports of Indo-China first sight the Corregidor lights in the center. Vessels from Singapore, Indonesia, India, and all the ports of the Philippine Islands, to the south, first sight the Cabra Island light. All lines converge on Corregidor light at the bay entrance.

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  • Things To Do In Summit X Things To Create Inward Corregidor Island

    Things To Do In Summit X Things To Create Inward Corregidor Island

    A historical isle constitute inwards the oral cavity of Manila Bay, Corregidor Island is alone an hr boat ride away from Manila.

  • Corregidor Tour Travel Guide - Cavite Philippines

    Corregidor Tour Travel Guide - Cavite Philippines

    Corregidor Island has been in my travel list since last year yeah, that late. I wasnt really into history until recently, when I added Van Ybiernas on Facebook, a history professor in De La Salle University (DLSU). His posts fueled my eagerness to learn more about my beloved Philippines, and the things that transpired in history.

  • Bikers Guide To Corregidor

    Bikers Guide To Corregidor

    Corregidor, an island at the entrance of Manila Bay, mostly attracts history buffs. Known as "The Rock" because of its rocky landscape and the heavy fortifications, this historic island is a great destination for bikers as well. Traversing the islands well-paved roads and jungle trails on board a bicycle and getting to visit the different ruins and landmarks offers a totally different experience from the usual day trip tour on board a tranvia.

  • The Historical Corregidor Island

    The Historical Corregidor Island

    When I was in Manila, one of the places where I bring friends and guests is the Corregidor Island. This tadpole-shaped piece of earth is a place that bears a huge significance to Philippine history. Located at the mouth of Manila Bay, its strategic location made it the viable site where ships entering the bay can be checked, thus, the name Corregidor. But there are many other stories on how the island's name came about.

    The easiest way to get to Corregidor is from the CCP Complex where ferries ply to and from the island. It's more or less an hour at sea before one reaches the pier. Taking t ...

  • Corregidor Island An Ideal Destination For Students To Explore

    Corregidor Island An Ideal Destination For Students To Explore

    Field trips are one of the activities students always look forward too. It is a challenge for teachers and the institutions where to take the students for a whole day. Suddenly a bold idea came to mind and I thought of taking my students to Corregidor Island. When I opened the idea to our Directress she was very happy with the plan, so I immediately contacted the tour group that organizes the tour to Corregidor Island and that is SUN CRUISES.

    Students were very excited about the idea and so I immediately sent a circular to the parents. This was the first time I had taken the students to a v ...

  • Explored Corregidor Island

    Explored Corregidor Island

    My second trip for the year lead me to an Island, west of Manila Bay. It's proximity from the metro is pretty close as it is 75 mins fast craft travel from Manila Bay. Corregidor Island played a major role in history of the Philippines, most especially in World War II. The tadpole-shaped island is also known as the Rock. It has also a lot of things to offer in just one stop that can be enjoyed in a day trip. The coasts of Mariveles, Bataan is overlooking from the island and the mighty Mt Mariveles is clearly seen when the sky is clear. The other side of the dock has Caballos Island not far. Th ...