Bonifacio Trial House

Maragondon, Cavite

The Teodorico Reyes Ancestral House, more commonly known as the Bonifacio Trial House, is a historic house and museum in Maragondon, Cavite, Philippines. It was built in 1889 and served as a military court, wherein it has been a witness to the trial of Andres Bonifacio in 1897. - Wiki

Bonifacio Trial House News

  • Cavite Bonifacio Shrine In Indang

    Cavite Bonifacio Shrine In Indang

    Located in Barangay Limbon, Indang in the province of Cavite, the Bonifacio Shrine of Indang is one of the historical landmarks dedicated to the Father of Philippine Revolution -Andres Bonifacio.

  • Cavite Museum Features Womens Month Exhibit On Famous Katipuneras

    A special exhibit on "Rebolusyong Filipina" is open for public viewing beginning Tuesday at the Gregoria de Jesus Gallery of the "Museo ng Paglilitis ni Andres Bonifacio" (MPAB) also known as Bonifacio Trial House here.

    The National Historical Commission of the Philippines (NHCP) through its MPAB museum here is highlighting the Women Chapter of the Katipunan within the observance of the Womens Month.

    BTH curator Melanio Guevara said the exhibit will showcase women power, aptitude, and valor, and also shows how Filipinos value the role of women in the society even in the past.

    Up on di ...

  • Maragondon And Ternate: A One-Day Getaway

    Maragondon And Ternate: A One-Day Getaway

    The western part of Cavite province, though only about an hour and a halfs drive away from home, is a rarely visited place for us. The last time weve been there was more than nine years ago when we joined friends for a visit to the Puerto Azul Beach & Country Club and Caylabne Bay Resort. We thought that was all there was for this part of Cavite and it didnt enter our minds to come back.

  • Maragondon


    A foreshadowing. Around mid-April of 1897, Andres Bonifacio fell from horseback. There, he laid groaning then in a prophetic voice told his companions that his fall was a bad omen for in the mountains of Maragondon he will die and be buried. A month later, a severely wounded Bonifacio was bludgeoned to death by Aguinaldos men in one of Maragondons forests. His remains and his brothers, Procopio were buried on Mount Nagpatong.

  • Kawit- Maragondon History Tour

    Kawit- Maragondon History Tour

    Its close proximity to Manila makes Cavite an ideal place to tour for those with only a day or two of spare time. The province is a great place to go to rediscover the history of our country. Speaking of the history of our country, two things would always pop up in my mind -religion and revolution. Due to the nature of my work (I'm a History teacher) I decided to go on a road trip to the said province to find out more about its connection with the two.

    Before the trip, I researched about the places that would be interesting enough to visit and would also highlight an important historical e ...

  • Cavite Travel Guide

    Visiting the Aguinaldo Shrine, Tejeros Convention, Andres Bonifacio House, San Francisco Church and find its many underground and secret route.