Balite Falls

Amadeo, Cavite

Balite Falls are located in Barangay Halang, Amadeo, Cavite. Two falls can be seen in the area, one of which naturally flows with gushing water, while the other is outfitted with pipes and bamboo tubes to aid the flow of water. The falls converge into a pool of water with a deep part for adults and a shallow portion for children.

Balite Falls News

  • Balite Falls A Secret Getaway In Cavite

    Balite Falls A Secret Getaway In Cavite

    Location: Amadeo, Cavite

    My wanderlust made me want to visit a place less traveled to. To commence my December, without forcing myself to wake up too early, I ventured to Cavite on my own.

    To be honest, the day prior to my solo weekend trip, I was still uncertain about where I want to go. I slept on a Friday night only knowing that I found one place rarely visited by others: Balite Falls.

    Thankfully, arriving to the place isn't that hard, at least for people who find happiness in going to unknown places.

    Here's how you could get there from any point in EDSA:

    Ride a bus along EDS ...

  • Awesome Waterfalls Near Manila For Cool Summer Daytrips

    Awesome Waterfalls Near Manila For Cool Summer Daytrips

    Summer is well on its way, and with it comes the face-melting heat we all know and love (not really). Thankfully, we're also blessed with a ton of natural resources which provide instant relief from the sun. Apart from beaches and lakes, we also have dozens and dozens of waterfalls ??" some in one province alone!

    Just an hour or two from Manila are a plethora of choices for a relaxing and refreshing summer day trip. Check out these waterfalls near Manila for your next barkada adventure.


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  • Balite Falls 2017

    Balite Falls A Natural Wonder In Amadeo, Cavite.

    Music: MØ - Final Song

  • Balite Falls In Cavite

    Balite Falls In Cavite

    Balite Fall is located in Cavite. We went here because of it's proximity, where you can relax in a modest cool natural garden. The place looks very provincial with it's make shift bamboo cottages.

    The place offers a two story falls. The first level is small and very lovely to take photos in. You can relax as if you're in a spa. The second level is wide and deep enough so you can do some jumping or diving.

    The cottages can be rented where you can cook and eat. I don't think it is available for an overnight stay. There is a swimming pool area and a party hall above the resort.

  • Amadeos Balite Falls

    Amadeos Balite Falls

    Despite its proximity to Tagaytay City the town of Amadeo in Cavite has pretty much remained under the tourism radar. A small town of less than 40,000 people, Amadeo is nonetheless known as the "Coffee Capital of the Philippines," acting as a major supplier of coffee beans to Metro Manila's numerous cafes. Looking for a waterfall in the Cavite-Batangas area to practice our photography four years ago, we were delighted to know about Balite Falls in Amadeo, only a 15-minute or so drive from Tagaytay.

    Four years later we were back in Amadeo for a brief respite from the hassles of city life. Th ...

  • Connect With Nature Five Nature Attractions In Cavite

    Connect With Nature Five Nature Attractions In Cavite

    Summer's rolled in, and to breathe through the heat, we turn to nature. One of the nearest provinces you could go to ??" and perhaps even reside in, with its many house and lots ??" to get this much-needed fresh air is Cavite.

    Cavite is a province well-known for all its historical background, as well as its reasonably priced entertainment locations. Much of its green land is devoted to golf courses, but in it, there are some great nature attractions. Here are a handful of them:

    1. Palsahingin Falls
    Standing fifty feet tall, this is a waterfall gushing above four caves with glistening st ...