Most Beautiful Island Were Captivated By Catanduanes Bicol Philippines

The best place to experience the real beach life is to find an island which is still unpopulated by tourists, stay in a beach house like Majestic Puraran where you can surf on a crystal clear perfect pipe waves, eat fresh seafoods - like you own it feels. Perfect for long vacation.

30 minute hike to Bote Lighthouse is not tiring at all once you reached it, everything you will see is perfect. Binurong Point is like a an elevated garden - very relaxing the views are incredible.

There are lots of places you can go to in Catanduanes. You can check Biahe ni Drew's almost complete list of places that beautiful Catanduanes has.

Biahe ni Drew - Catanduanes:

Backpacking in the Islands of the Philippines.

Explore and Experience Everything Local.

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-San Andres Port
-Virac Downtown
-Maribina Falls
-Bato Church
-Bote Lighthouse
-Binurong Point
-Majestic Puraran Beach
-Puraran Surf

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