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  • Explore The Island of Catanduanes

    Explore The Island of Catanduanes

    Catanduanes is an island province of the Philippines located in the Bicol Region in Luzon. Its capital is Virac and the province lies to the east of Camarines Sur across the Maqueda Channel. Catanduanes is an island filled with the many gifts of nature in its pristine shorelines, beaches, lush forests, and unique land formations that beckon visitors from all over the world to come, explore, and enjoy themselves.

    Catanduanes is a kidney-shaped island at the easternmost seaboard of the Philippines. It is the first land mass of the Philippine archipelago to kiss the Pacific Ocean at 13.5o to ...

  • A summer in Catanduanes

    A summer in Catanduanes

    It is summer in Catanduanes and I am shocked.

    The minute I step on the tarmac of the Virac Provincial Airport, I am immediately seized by the urge to mail a letter; a short one, really; to PAGASA. One that says, succinctly, "You are all liars."

    The thing is, one automatically gets a mental image of a storm-bedraggled island at the first mention of Catanduanes. This may be based on years of weather reports that invariably situate every storm visiting the Philippines as being situated anywhere from a few miles to a hairsbreadth away from the island. It's a sore spot among the friendly, pea ...

  • Catanduanes Beyond the howling wind

    Catanduanes Beyond the howling wind

    Whoever gave the charming island province of Catanduanes the nickname "Land of the Howling Wind" needs a crash course in advertising.

    Not only is it the surest way to discourage potential tourists and investors, it is also an un-cool way of highlighting the age-old scourge of the local folk. For Catandunganons who have experienced perfect storms since time immemorial, typhoons are no Hollywood movie spectacle.

    But beyond the howling wind of a perfect storm, Catanduanes today is a tourism frontier which beckons the eternal footloose wanderer. Many true-blue adventurers consider it a diamo ...